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Vol. 9 No. 1

Tutorial: Make Sub-1 dB Noise Figure Measurements Part 1: Noise Concepts—Eric Marsan

Overcoming the High Frequency Design Challenges of USB 3.0—Joseph Spisak

Link Distance Enhancement and Battery Current Savings in Wireless Systems—Oleksander Gorbachev and Floyd Ashbaugh

Editorial:2010 Plans Should Go Beyond Recovery—Aim for Growth—Gary Breed

Technology Report: Portable Instruments Improve Performance and Handle More Applications

Design Notes: Magnetic Materials in Transmission Line Transformers


Vol. 9 No. 2

Tutorial: Make Sub-1 dB Noise Figure Measurements Part 2: The Measurements—Eric Marsan

Driving High Speed ADCs in Wideband Applications—Marjorie Plisch

Electromagnetic Radiation From a Coated Cylinder With Two Arbitrary Axial Slots—Muhammad A. Mushref

Selecting High-Linearity MMIC Amplifiers for Use With Complex Digital Waveforms—Ted Heil and Steve Crain

Editorial: Broadband Access Involves a Lot More Than Smartphones—Gary Breed

Technology Report: Custom ASICs and Foundry Services Are Becoming Routine

Tutorial: An Overview of Common Techniques for Power Amplifier Linearization—Gary Breed

Design Notes: Wall Penetration in Shielded Rooms


MARCH 2010
Vol. 9 No. 3

Minimizing Electromagnetic Interference When Powering Wireless Systems—Afshin Odabaee

Design of a Microstrip Broadband LDMOS Class E Power Amplifier—Yingjie Xu, Jingqi Wang, and Xiaowei Zhu

Editorial: Getting the Process Right: MIL, Space and ISO Standards—Gary Breed

Technology Report: Recent Developments in Interconnection Technology

Tutorial: Resources for Military, Space, and Other High-Reliability Standards —Gary Breed

Design Notes: Notes on Shop-Made Test Accessories


APRIL 2010
Vol. 9 No. 4

Electrically Tunable Switched-Line Diode Phase Shifters: Part 1: Design Procedure—Leo G. Maloratsky

LNA With a Bypass Mode Improves Overload Resistance for Mobile TV—Chin Leong Lim

RF System Design and Analysis Software Enhances RF Architectural Planning—Dale D. Henkes

Editorial: A Reminder of the FCC's Dual Rold in Telecommunications—Gary Breed

Technology Report: News Update: Regulatory and Standards Activities

Design Notes: L-Network Design Procedure



MAY 2010
Vol. 9 No. 5

Power Amplifier Design Fundamentals: More Notes from the Pages of History—Andrei Grebennikov

Design of a C-Band Image Reject Mixer as a GaAs MMIC—John E. Penn

Aircraft Structures Take Advantage of Energy Harvesting Implementations—Tony Armstrong

Electrically Tunable Switched-Line Diode Phase Shifters: Part 2: Multi-Section Circuits—Leo G. Maloratsky

Editorial: So You Think That Engineers Don't (or Can't) Write...—Gary Breed

Technology Report: 3G and 4G Deployment is Ongoing—but Not as Fast as Advertised

Tutorial: A Review of RF / Microwave Switching Technologies

Design Notes: Reader Feedback


JUNE 2010
Vol. 9 No. 6

An Analytic and Graphical Method for LNA Design with Feedback—Alan Victor and Jayesh Nash

Design Method for the Fastest Settling Type 2 Phase Lock Loop—Akmarul Ariffin Bin Salleh

Power Amplifier Design Fundamentals: More Notes from the Pages of History—Andrei Grebennikov

Editorial: New Ideas Grow from In-Person Interaction at Conferences—Gary Breed

Technology Report: Military Business News and Technology Notes

Tutorial: Getting Started with EDA Tools for EM Simulation and Analysis

Design Notes: Parametric Amplifiers


JULY 2010
Vol. 9 No. 7

Advances in Short-Range RF Transceivers Drive Link Robustness—Sebastien Lebreton

Simulations and Measurements of a Circular Waveguide Septum Feed—Jeffrey Pawan and Rastislav Galuscak

Design Method for the Fastest Settling Type 2 Phase Lock Loop—Akmarul Ariffin Bin Salleh

Editorial: New Technologies Develop at Their Own Deliberate Speed—Gary Breed

Technology Report: An Update on New Tunable Technologies

Tutorial: Signal Integrity Basics: Digital Signals on Transmission Lines

Design Notes: Two New Books for Engineers Describe the Creation and Application of Signals


Vol. 9 No. 8

Bluetooth Class-1 Modules With Low Power Consumption—Oleksandr Gorbachov

Simulations and Measurements of a Prime Focus Dish With a Circular Septum Feed—Jeffrey Pawan and Rastislav Galuscak

Editorial: Megatrends Report High lights Our Changing Society—Gary Breed

Technology Report: Research Update: Government Laboratory and University News

Tutorial: Design Issues for Tower-Top Electronics and Remote Base Stations

Design Notes: Transmission Line Notes From a Classic Text


Vol. 9 No. 9

A Summary of HF/VHF/UHF Technology— Frederick Raab and Robert Caverly

Experiments in Pulse Communications With Filtered Sidebands—H.R. Walker

Design and Technology Tradeoffs in Passive RF and Microwave Integrated Circuits—Leo G. Maloratsky

10 to 50 Watt GaN Amplifiers for Military and Commercial Applications—Dan Cheadle, Sr.

Editorial: High Frequency Technology is a Worldwide Business—Gary Breed

Technology Report: Recent Developments in Signal Integrity and Theory Practice

Tutorial: Notes on the Selection Criteria for Coaxial Cable

Design Notes: Return Loss, Reflection Coefficient and |S11|


Vol. 9 No. 10

A Multi-Channel Depth-Sounding Radar with an Improved Power Amplifier—Kevin Player, Lei Shi, Dr. Chris Allen, Dr. Carl Leuschen, John Ledford, Fernando Rodriguez-Morales, et al.

Understanding EDGE Evolution and Its Measurements—Ying Jiao

Cover Story : "Plug 'n Play" with New Easy-to-Use Tunable Bench Top Filters

Editorial: Inter-Agency Communications Systems Save Lives—Gary Breed

Technology Report: Very Large System Design: Introduction and Report

Design Notes: Comments on the Use of EM Solvers for Waveguide Feed Analysis


Vol. 9 No. 11

Performing EM/Circuit Co-Simulation With Modified Standard Models—Luis M. Ledezma and Thomas M. Weller

High Frequency Circuit Materials With Increased Thermal Conductivity—John Coonrod and Allen F. Horn III

Editorial: Looking Ahead to 2011: Choosing Topics for Articles—Gary Breed

Technology Report: The Growing Importance of Supplier Design Assistance

Tutorial: Fundamentals of Pulsed and Time-Gated Measurements—Gary Breed

Design Notes: Two New Books for Engineers


Vol. 9 No. 12

The Design and Test of a 600-Watt RF Laser Driver Using LDMOS Transistors—Richard Brounley

Generalized Resistive Power Divider Design—Greg Adams

Editorial: Get Ready for the 3G/4G Wireless Data Explosion—Gary Breed

Technology Report: An Update on Nano-Scale Technologies for RF and Microwave Applications

Tutorial: Inside the Microwave Connector: Materials and Construction—Gary Breed

Design Notes: Notes on Shannon's Theorem


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Elastomer Socket for BGA324 with 23 Watt Power Dissipation
Elastomer used in the socket, as a contactor between the IC package and the circuit board, is a low resistance (less than 0.05ohms) connector. The elastomer consists of a fine pitch matrix of gold plated wires in a soft insulating sheet of silicone rubber. The sockets have a precision design, which guides the IC to the exact position for connection of each ball and uses an aluminum heat sink to provide compressive force.