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JANUARY 2006Vol. 5 No. 1

Zigbee System-on-Chip (SoC) Design—Khanh Tuan Le

Transmission Line Transformers: Theory, Design and ApplicationsPart 2—Chris Trask

Optimize Thermal Contact for RF Transistors—John C. Pritiskutch and Richard R. Hildenbrandt

Tutorial: Electroformed Cables Deliver Performance in Highly Demanding Applications—Bob Thiele

Editorial: Looking Forward to Stronger Business in 2006—Breed

Technology Report:
A Brief Update on Wide Bandwidth Technologies
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Tunable YIG Filters Feature Miniature Profile and High Performance

FEBRUARY 2006Vol. 5 No. 2

Generating Frequency Agile and Custom Waveforms—Roger L Jungerma

High-Efficiency Linearized LDMOS Amplifiers Utilize the RFAL Architecture—Ray Gutierrez

Tutorial: The Method of Moments: A Numerical Technique for Wire Antennas Design—W.D. Rawle

Editorial: Innovation and Development: The Two Sides of Engineering—Breed

Technology Report: FCC and International Regulatory Update
Design Notes

Digital Vector Signal Analysis Software for Logic Analyzers
LDMOS Technology Meets Performance Demands for WiMAX
Module Solution Provides Complete Radio for GSM/GPRS/EDGE

MARCH 2006Vol. 5 No. 3

The Yin-Yang of Matching: Part 1—Basic Matching ConceptsRandy Rhea

Open RFIC Design Platform Integrates Highly-Capable Design Tools—Thomas Quan

Guidelines for Improving the RF Immunity of Audio AmplifiersKymberly Schmidt

Tutorial: A Comparison of RFIC Fabrication Technologies

Editorial: Convergence: Moving Toward the 'Perfect' InternetBreed

Technology Report: Proprietary Systems are Viable Options for Short-Range

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APRIL 2006Vol. 5 No. 4

Procedures for High Power Swept Compression MeasurementsAnthony J. Bichler

The Yin-Yang of Matching: Part 2—Practical Matching TechniquesRandy Rhea

Tutorial: Understanding Mixers From a Switching Perspectiv

Editorial: The Well-Rounded High Frequency EngineerBreed

Technology Report: EDA Tools Improve Through Programming Advances and User Feedback

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MAY 2006Vol. 5 No. 5

High Efficiency, High Linearity, GaN HEMT Amplifiers for WiMAX ApplicationsS. Wood, P. Smith, W. Pribble, R. Pengelly, & J. Crescenzi

High Performance Active Mixer Overcomes RF Transmitter Design ChallengesJames Wong

Microwave Coupler Feeds Outdoor Antenna Through WallsG. Knapp

Tutorial: On-Wafer Testing Verifies IC Performance and Process Yield

Editorial: Diverse Applications Offer Balance for Wireless ConvergenceBreed

Technology Report: A Growing Number of Applications Boosts mm-Wave Technology

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New Books

JUNE 2006Vol. 5 No. 6

Broadband Amplifier Gain Slope Equalization with a Single Passive ComponentAlen Fejzuli, Ray Kaarsberg, and Nelson Roldan

A 1 to 2 GHz, 50 Watt Push-Pull Power Amplifier Using SiC MESFETsRaymond Pengelly and Carl Janke

Tutorial: Fundamentals of Passive Component Behavior at High FrequenciesGary Breed

Editorial: It Takes Analog Performance to Make a Digital RadioBreed

Technology Report: Sensors and Sensor Networks are Growing Applications

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JULY 2006Vol. 5 No. 7

2-22 GHz Continuously Variable Attenuator Has Low IMD and Flat ResponseAlexander Chenakin and A.P.S. Khanna

Experiments with Microwave Coherence Tomography: Part 1Jiri Polivka

Tutorial: Feedback Fundamentals: Basic Concepts and Circuit TopologiesGary Breed

Editorial: The Importance of Electromagnetic CompatibilityBreed

Technology Report: Low Frequency Applications Maintain High Interest

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AUGUST 2006Vol. 5 No. 8

Systemizing the Design of Broadband Class-A RF Power AmplifiersFiras Mohammed Ali, The Higher Institute of Yefren

Experiments with Microwave Coherence Tomography: Part 2Jiri Polivka, Spacek Labs, Inc.

Field Installation of Cables and Connectors for MRI SystemsKevin Moyher, Times Microwave Systems

Tutorial:Guidelines for Using Manufacture-Provided Reference DesignsGary Breed

Editorial: Those Clichés About Education are Often TrueGary Breed

Technology Report:
Engineering Education: Embracing Wireless and Moving Beyond

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SEPTEMBER 2006Vol. 5 No. 9

Adaptive Digital Baseband Predistortion for RF Power Amplifier LinearizationRahul Gupta, Saad Ahmad, Reinhold Ludwig, and John McNeill, Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Optimize the Buffer Amplifier / ADC ConnectionJoe Dipilato, Dan Terlep, and Tanja Hofner, Maxin Integrated Products

New Instruments Feature Performance, Lower Cost and ConnectivityAgilent Technologies

Tutorial: Noise and Spurious in Digital Systems and Digitized SignalsGary Breed

Editorial: Where Do You Find Answers to Your Design Questions?Gary Breed

Technology Report:
Everyone Needs to Understand High Speed Digital Design Techniques

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OCTOBER 2006Vol. 5 No. 10

Minimization of DDS Spurious Content in Multi-Channel SystemsRyan Groulx and Shawn Mason, Rockwell Collin

Micromachining Concept on GaAs and a mm-Wave Oscillator Example—Kamaljeet Singh and Surendra Pal, ISRO Satellite Centre

Upconverting LTCC Mixer Targets Instrumentation ApplicationsMini-Circuits

Tutorial: Making the Build-or-Buy Decision—Balancing Cost, Time and PerformanceGary Breed

Book Reviews: Wideband Amplifiers and Classic Works in RF Engineering

Editorial: Finding the Power to Run All Those Portable ElectronicsGary Breed

Technology Report: News of Recent Military System Deployments

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NOVEMBER 2006Vol. 5 No. 11

Radiated Power and Field Strength from UHF ISM TransmittersLarry Burgess

Improving Test Times with Fast Frequency, Amplitude and Waveform Switching—Heather Lane

Tutorial: Designing Analog Circuits for Digital Signal Processing—Gary Breed

Editorial: 'Macro' and 'Micro' Engineering are Growth AreasGary Breed

Technology Report: Techniques and Technologies for High-Frequency Interconnections

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DECEMBER 2006Vol. 5 No. 12

InP Provides Improved Low Voltage Wireless PA PerformanceMichael Gaynor

Achieving Connector Performance with Stacked Boards in Cell Phones—Ted Worroll

Simulation Results of Phase Noise of PLL Functional Blocks in 0.35 um SiGe Technology—M. Ain Rehman

Development of a JTRS / SINCGARS Ultra-Broadband Airborne Blade Antenna—Joseph R. Jahoda

Editorial: Engineering Conferences Fill Many NeedsGary Breed

Technology Report: Optical Technology: A Look into the (Near) Future

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