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Vol. 10 No. 1

High-Frequency Algorithmic Advances in EM Tools for Signal IntegrityPart 1—John Dunn

Design of Input Matching Networks for Class-E RF Power Amplifiers—Firas Mohammed Ali Al-Raie

Tutorial: The Mathematics of Mixers: Basic PrinciplesGary Breed

Technology Report: Notes on Design and Deployment of Wireless Infrastructure Systems

Editorial: A Few Things to Think About for the New YearGary Breed

Design Notes: A Magnetic Field Response Sensor for Measurement of Liquid Levels

Vol. 10 No. 2

High-Frequency Algorithmic Advances in EM Tools for Signal IntegrityPart 2—John Dunn

Control Interfaces for RF and Microwave Frequency Syntheszers—Alexander Chenakin

Half-Inch UMTS Base Station Receiver—Douglas Stuetzle and Todd Nelson

Tutorial: Performance Expectations for Reduced-Size AntennasGary Breed

Technology Report: Military Communications: Industry News and Recent Developments

Editorial: Embrace the Changes Occurring in Society and TechnologyGary Breed

Design Notes: Two New Books for Engineers

MARCH 2011
Vol. 10 No. 3

Automating the Screening of Microphonic Defects in Automotive Radio Receivers—Chin-leong Lim

Using Modified Microstrip Lines to Improve Circuit Performance—Leo G. Maloratsky

Tutorial: Design Resources to Help Achieve EMC ComplianceGary Breed

Technology Report: Regulatory and Standards Activity News

Editorial: M2M is Becoming and Important Wireless MarketGary Breed

Design Notes: Clarifications on Mixer Math

APRIL 2011
Vol. 10 No. 4

An Outphasing Transmitter Using Class-E PAs and Asymmetric Combining: Part 1—Ramon Beltran, Frederick H. Raab, and Arturo Velazquez

Using a Microwave System Analyze to Measure Satellite End-to-End Group Delay—Graham Stevens

Tutorial: Designing at Frequencies Below 100 MHzGary Breed

Technology Report: Smart Grid and Smart Home Technologies Gain Momentum

Editorial: My Annual Comments Encouraging More Personal InteractionGary Breed

Design Notes: Online Archives of Past Articles in High Frequency Electronics

MAY 2011
Vol. 10 No. 5

An Outphasing Transmitter Using Class-E PAs and Asymmetric Combining: Part 2—Ramon Beltran, Frederick H. Raab, and Arturo Velazquez

Multiband Monopole Antenna for Wireless Communication—H. Hassan and A.-K. Hamid

Load Network Design Techniques for Class F and Inverse Class F PAs—Andrei Grebennikov

Tutorial: The Basics of Probe Measurements on Wafers and Other SubstratesGary Breed

Technology Report: Research at Government Laboratories and Universities: A News Update

Editorial: Wireless Broadband Requires Stronger Signals, Less NoiseGary Breed

Design Notes: IMS 2011 Activities

JUNE 2011
Vol. 10 No. 6

Linear Power Amplifier Uses Mirror Predistortion—K. Fayed, A. Ezzeddine,
H. Huang, A. Zaghloul

The Small-Signal Frequency Response
of Ferrites
—Nic Hamilton

Basic Electromagnetics Made True and Clear with Concrete Mathematics—W. Scott Bennett

Technology Report: Recent Developments in Wireless Technology for Medical Applications

Editorial: The Quest for Power Amplifier Linearity and EfficiencyGary Breed

Design Notes: Sensitivity of an Optical Receiver

JULY 2011
Vol. 10 No. 7

Understanding Dielectric Constant for Microwave PCB Materials—John Coonrod & Allen F. Horn III

Design Study of a High Efficiency LDMOS RF Amplifier—Mouqun Dong

Tutorial: Key Technologies Used in Today's High-Frequency Power Devices

Technology Report: Update on the National Broadband Plan for "Broadband Everywhere"

Editorial: Inspiration from Two Creative Artists of Analog DesignGary Breed

Design Notes: Book Review and more

Vol. 10 No. 8

Design and Optimization of Lumped Element Hybrid Couplers—Ashok Srinivas Vijayaraghavan and Lawrence Dunleavy

Design Requirements for Integrated Microwave Avionics Receivers—Leo G. Maloratsky

Tutorial: Factors to Consider for High Performance Coaxial Cables

Editorial: High Frequency... What Does It Mean, Anyway?Gary Breed

Design Notes: More Notes from History

Vol. 10 No. 9

Reducing EMI and Improving Signal Integrity Using Spread Spectrum Clocking—Jeffrey Batchelor and Jimmy Ma

Power Amplifier and Front End Module Requirements for IEEE 802.11n Applications—David Guo

Extending Design and Simulation with User Defined Equations and Variables—Dale Henkes

Tech Report: Advances in EDA Tools Focus on Speed, Accuracy and Usability

Tutorial: Notes on the Design and Fabrication of Custom RFICs and MMICs

Editorial: Remember the Advertisers Who Pay For Your SubscriptionGary Breed

Design Notes: Reader Feedback

Vol. 10 No. 10

Implementing Modulation Functions in Microwave
Frequency Synthesizers
—Alexander Chenakin

Circuit Envelope Simulation: a Powerful Resource for 4G Power Amplifier Design—Josh Moore

Tutorial: RF/Microwave Connectors on Printed
Circuit Boards

Probe Testing of Wafer Level Chip Scale Packaging—John Whittaker

Technology Report: News Update on Cable
and Connector Business and Technology

Editorial: Re-Thinking How Products are Designed and BuiltGary Breed

Design Notes: Book Review and more

Vol. 10 No. 11

Evaluating X-parameter*, P2D and
S2D Models for Characterizing
Nonlinear Behavior in Active Devices

By Jiang Liu and Hugo Morales, Modelithics Inc.; Lawrence P. Dunleavy, Modelithics Inc. and University of South Florida; and Loren Betts, Agilent Technologies

Deciphering Digitizer
Specs for Wireless Apps
—GaGe Applied Technologies

Inductors at UHF: EM Simulation Guides Vector Network Analyzer Measurements—John B. Call Thales Communications Inc., USA

Editorial: Fall is a Time for Change and TraditionScott L. Spencer

Vol. 10 No. 12

A High Bandwidth Class
G Current-Mode Amplifier for Envelope Modulators
—By G.T. Watkins, Toshiba Research Europe Limited

ISM Radio Bands: Will the Concept Work in the Future?—By Tom Perkins, HFE
Senior Technical Editor

Using Protocol Aware Tools to Simplify Program Development for RF SOC Test—By Ronald Burke, Teradyne, Inc.

Avoiding Pitfalls When Selecting MIMO Antennas
—By Jerry C. Posluszny, Mobile Mark

MIMO: An Overview

Editorial: Looking Back, Looking AheadScott L. Spenser


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