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July 2002 — Vol. 1 No. 1

The Design, Fabrication and Measurement of Microstrip Filter and Coupler Circuits — Brady

Another Look at Combined Microwave-Optical Cables and Connectors — Kneeland

Editorial: "Introduction to a New Print and Online Publication"
Ask the Experts

Technology Report: "WLAN Systems Lead Wireless Market Growth"

New MMIC VCOs are Ready for 5 GHz WLAN, VSAT and UNII Applications
Design Environment Combines Circuit, System and EM Simulators



September 2002 — Vol. 1 No. 2

How to the Get the Most from Today's Advanced EDA Tools Breed

Improving the Linearity and Efficiency of RF Power Amplifiers — Pengelly

Accurate Simulation of RF Designs Requires Consistent Modeling Techniques — Cojocaru, Markell, Capwell, Weller and Dunleavy

Editorial: "Honesty is the Best Policy, and the Only One That Works"

Ask the Experts

Technology Report: "Antenna Technology for WLAN and WLL Systems"

5 GHz Transistors Provide Low Noise, Low Current and Low Cost
New Test Solution Helps Designers of Wireless Internet Applications
NPO RF/Microwave Capacitors are Designed for Maximum Performance



November 2002 — Vol. 1 No. 3

The Twisted Pair Telephone Transmisson Line Lao

An ADS Bench for Generating Multi-Carrier 3GPP WCDMA ACLT Test Signals Fernez

Basic Data on High-Q Ceramic Coaxial Resonators

SPICE Models with Frequency Dependent Conductor and Dielectric Losses

Editorial: "High Frequency Engineering Keeps Getting More Complex"

Ask the Experts

Technology Report: "Issues and Trends in Wireless System Testing"

SMT Qudrature Hybrid Supports High-Volume Manufacturing Methods
Highly Integrated CDMA Front End RFIC Features a 3x3 mm Package


January 2003 — Vol. 2 No. 1

T he Correlation of Data Throughput with Link Loss for Commercial WLAN Devices Dobkin

System-in-Package for WLAN/PAN Aids Coexistence with Digital Cellular
Gaynor and Mathews

Echo Distortion in Bandpass Filters — Kurzrok

Bit Error Rate: Fundamental Concepts and Measurement Issue — Breed

Editorial: "Diverse Applications Drive High Frequency Design Engineering"

Ask the Experts

Technology Report: "Couplers Remain Important Products, Using New Manufacturing Techniques"

Instruments Simplify Mixer Test, Extend Vector Modulation Range
Expanded Product Line Features Ultra-Wideband and SP8T Switches
Media Access Controller Provides a Complete WLAN Interface




March 2003 — Vol. 2 No. 2

Digital Signal Integrity, Circuit Board Design and the Interconnect Interface Reed

Handset-PA Duplexer Interaction When the Isolator is Eliminated Waugh

Techniques for Pulsed S-Parameter Measurements Vondran

Transistor Biasing Issues for Linear Amplification of Complex Signals Breed

Editorial: "New Technology Has Changed the Meaning of 'Design' "

Technology Report: "A MEMS Technology Update"

Ask the Experts



May 2003 — Vol. 2 No. 3

RF and Microwave Power Amplifier and Transmitter Technologies — Part 1 Raab, Asbeck, Cripps, Kenington, Popovich, Pothecary, Sevic, Sokal

Broadband VHF/UHF Amplifier Design Using Coaxial TransformersLeong and Gentzler

Simple Lab-Built Test Accessories for RF, IF, Baseband and Audio Kurzrok

Intermodulation Distortion Performance and Measurement Issues Breed

Editorial: "Take Advantage of Interaction with Your Collegues"

Technology Report: "Microwave Materials Move Technology Forward"

Ask the Experts

Phase Noise Analyzer Accurately Characterizes Oscillators and Components
EM Simulation Software Features Integration, Automation, New Tools
Company Offers Complete Packaging Solution for High Speed Circuits




July 2003 — Vol. 2 No. 4

RF and Microwave Power Amplifier and Transmitter Technologies — Part 2 Raab, Asbeck, Cripps, Kenington, Popovich, Pothecary, Sevic, Sokal

Integration of Silicon with Passive Devices Yields Advantages in Wireless Design — Zavrel and Wood

Cost Effective Methods for Characterizing Laser Transfer Curves — Barany and Murphy

Editorial: "A Picture is Worth a Thousand ... Equations"

Technology Report: "The Benefits of Standard Radio-to-Baseband Digital Interfaces" Wilkins

Ask the Experts

Family of Tunable Components Uses New Ferromagnetic Technology
Primary Noise Standards Enable Precise Measurements at 18-325 GHz
1 to 200 MHz Amplifier Module Targets Broadband Communication Systems



September 2003 — Vol. 2 No. 5

RF and Microwave Power Amplifier and Transmitter Technologies — Part 3 Raab, Asbeck, Cripps, Kenington, Popovich, Pothecary, Sevic, Sokal

Signal Propagation in the 900 MHz to 5 GHz Wireless Bands Breed

Editorial: "High Frequency Electronics is Growing in 2004"

Technology Report: "The Evolution of Ultra Wide Band Radio for Wireless Personal Area Networks" Mandke, Nam, Yerramneni, Zuniga, Rappaport

Ask the Experts

30 Watt Module Covers the 1930-1990 MHz PCS Wireless Band
4 Watt Ka-Band MMIC Fits Applications from 25 to 31 GHz



November 2003 — Vol. 2 No. 6

RF and Microwave Power Amplifier and Transmitter Technologies — Part 4 Raab, Asbeck, Cripps, Kenington, Popovich, Pothecary, Sevic, Sokal

Finding the Lumped Element Varactor Diode Model Stauffer

Ordinary Vector Network Analyzers Get Differential Port Measurement Capability Henkes

Editorial: "The Word 'Wireless' is Still Being Used and Misused" Breed

Technology Report: "New Materials and Techniques Advance Filter Technology"

Tutorial: "A Review of Key Oscillator Specifications and What They Mean" Breed

Ask the Experts

Quadrature Demodulators Offer High Linearity for Simplified System Design
WLAN PA Maintains Performance Over Power Level and Mismatch









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3D Glass mmWave PDK

A new 3D Glass Solutions (3DGS) glass-based mmWave RF device PDK for use with NI AWR software has been released and is available directly from 3DGS. The PDK enables designers to develop passive components such as filters and amplifier impedance-matching circuits critical for 5G FR2 communications, automotive radar, and other mmWave applications.

A Designer’s Primer on 5G Communications

Recent advances in NI AWR software are helping designers develop the antenna and RF front-end components that are making 5G a reality. This primer offers content on the innovative wizards and synthesis technologies that enable engineers designing 5G communications systems to deliver cost-effective, high performance, and high-reliability products to market.

Insulated Wire Inc.

Insulated Wire Inc. is pleased to announce that following the retirement of a French delegate, IW Microwave Products Division President, John Morelli, has been appointed as the Secretary for IEC/SC46F, a subcommittee of IEC/TC46. IEC/SC46F is responsible for RF and Microwave Connectors and Components International Standardization.

Mr. Morelli, who is sponsored by Insulated Wire, brings significant RF/Microwave connector and component experience to the position, and we congratulate him on his new appointment. Mr. Morelli had been serving as the chief Technical Advisor for the US National Committee’s Technical Advisory Group to IEC/SC46F.

The US National Committee of the IEC is a fully integrated entity of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).

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