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New RF GaN X-Band Radar Solutions

Wolfspeed introduces four multi-stage GaN on SiC devices, extending its range of RF solutions for X-band radar applications. These new devices provide options for systems requiring high efficiency transmit solutions in challenging form factors.

Offered in small, industry standard packages that allow designers to achieve maximum performance with smaller systems that consume less power.


5-Bit Programmable Attenuator

PMI Model No. DTA-100M40G-30-CD-1-OPT27G is a 5-Bit Programmable Attenuator that operates over the 0.1 to 27.0 GHz frequency range. Typical insertion loss of 6.0 dB; typical VSWR of 2.5:1; Mean Attenuation Range 30 dB; Accuracy of Attenuation ±2.5 dB Typ; Minimum Attenuation Step: 1.0 dB; Power Handling Capability +24 dBm CW Max; Input 1 dB Compression: +20 dBm Typ; and Switching Time: On Time 1.0 µs Max. and Off Time: 0.5 µs Max.

Planar Monolithics Industries

E-Learning Courses Offered Online

RF Technology Certification - Online

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Applied RF Engineering I - Circuits and Transmission Lines

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Applied RF Engineering II - Wireless Digital Signals 

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And much more. 

Besser Associates

Power Sensor with SPI & I2C Connectivity

LadyBug Technologies’ LB5918A Power Sensor is available with a variety of connectors and options. The LB5918A-SPI is equipped with a Type-N male connector and direct TTL connectivity that utilizes either SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface) or I2C (Inter Integrated Circuit) interfaces. This allows direct connection to microcontrollers, FPGAs, and more. The sensor’s USB port is also fully functional. It has a dynamic range of -60 dBm to 86 dBm, allowing users measurement flexibility and making attenuator selection for high power applications easy.

LadyBug Technologies

Grypper Test Sockets

Ironwood Electronics continues to design and manufacture new Grypper test sockets for any BGA devices including large array ASIC’s and the smallest I/O and down to 0.35 mm pitch. The Grypper socket can be design to any I/O count specific to your custom BGA requirements. Ironwood Grypper G80 LIF socket, part number GR1005-XXXX, allows testing of an 896 I/O – 31.0 x 31.0 pitch BGA package. The 109092-XXXX Grypper socket shown is a 12 ball socket at 0.40 pitch This BGA device size is only 1.2 X 1.6 mm.

Ironwood Electronics

New Products

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SDLVA: 0.2 to 2.5 GHz

PMI Model No. SDLVA-0120-70-0225 is a SDLVA that operates over the 0.2 to 2.5 GHz frequency range. Dynamic Range: >65 dB; Log Linearity: ±1.2 dB Typ., ±1.5 dB Max. @ -60 to 0 dBm and ±1.5 dB Typ., ±2.0 dB Max. @ -65 to +5 dBm; Minimum Logging Range: -60 dBm (-65 dBm Typ.); Maximum Logging Range: 0 dBm (+5 dBm Typ.); VSWR Input: 2.0:1 Max. (1.5:1 Typ.) Tangential Sensitivity: -60 dBm Min. (-65 dBm Typ.); Limited IF Output: -16 dBm Typ; Maximum RF Input Power: +10 dBm, +15 dBm Typ; and Log Video Output: Output Coupling: DC, Maximum Output Voltage: 2.7 V, Rise Time: 25 ns Max.

Planar Monolithics Industries

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Capacitors and Resistors

Passive Plus, Inc. (PPI) has partnered its Broadband Capacitors and Broadband Resistors for similar case size and footprint to meet your high frequency needs. The 01005BB104 (100nF) Broadband multilayer ceramic capacitor is complemented by the 1209 Broadband Resistor, and the 0201BB104KW160 Broadband multilayer ceramic capacitor is complemented by the R35-2010BB50R00FR1QE Broadband Resistor.

Passive Plus

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Power Supply

Rohde & Schwarz continues to expand their range of basic power supplies with the new R&S NGA100 series. The R&S NGA100 is available in four models, providing a choice of single and dual outputs with up to 35 V / 6 A per output, or 100 V / 2 A per output. Single output models supply up to 40 W, dual output models up to 80 W power. The dual model outputs can be combined to provide up to 200 V or 12 A.

Rohde & Schwarz

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Drop In/Surface Mount Package for Comb (Harmonic) Generators

Herotek has expanded pre-amp comb generator GCA Series to include our new .750" (N3 package) long surface mount package for convenient placement on PCB Boards. Our GCA Series Comb Generators are used for Frequency Multipliers, Frequency Synthesizers, and built-in test source. GCA Series requires only +10 dBm or 0 dBm input for input frequency ranges from 250 MHz to 2000 MHz. Our GC Series (without preamp) also is offered in our "L" package, which is .53" long.


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YIG-Tuned Technology Leads the Way

For the RF and microwave designer, choices in components and instruments range from ordinary performance to the absolute best. And when it comes to oscillators, filters, and synthesizers, nothing beats Micro Lambda’s YIG-tuned technology. Our YIG devices and equipment offer the biggest names in the EW, ISM, and aerospace industry the lowest phase noise and superior multi-octave tuning capability. With this technology in-hand, they’re creating the next-generation of test instruments, signal generators, spectroscopy equipment, receivers, jammers, communication systems, and more.

Micro Lambda Wireless

June 2021

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The June 2021 Online Edition is now available for viewing and download!

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Web Exclusives

94GHz Socket for LGA56

Ironwood Electronics introduced new LGA socket design using high performance elastomer capable of 94 GHz, very low inductance for ATE applications. The GTP-LGA-1002 socket is designed for 10x10 mm package size and operates at bandwidths up to 94 GHz with less than 1dB of insertion loss. Contact resistance is typically 30 milliohms per pin. Socket is mounted on the target PCB with no soldering, and uses very small real estate allowing capacitors/resistors to be placed close by. This socket utilizes swivel lid for initial setup. Once test program is verified, lid and protruded screws are removed.


New RF GaN X-Band Radar Solutions

Wolfspeed introduces four multi-stage GaN on SiC devices, extending its range of RF solutions for X-band radar applications. These new devices provide options for systems requiring high efficiency transmit solutions in challenging form factors. Offered in small, industry standard packages that allow designers to achieve maximum performance with smaller systems that consume less power.


Qorvo® to Create State-of-the-Art Semiconductor Packaging Center

Qorvo® has been selected by the U.S. government to create a State-of-the-Art (SOTA) Heterogeneous Integrated Packaging (SHIP) RF production and prototyping center. The SHIP program will ensure that microelectronics packaging expertise and leadership is available for both U.S. defense contractors and commercial clients that require design, validation, assembly, test and manufacturing of next-generation RF components.

The exclusive SHIP Other Transaction Agreement (OTA), worth up to $75 million, was awarded to Qorvo by the Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC), Crane Division. This program is funded by the Office of the Undersecretary of Defense for Research and Engineering’s (OUSD R&E) Trusted and Assured Microelectronics Program (T&AM), and is administered by the Strategic & Spectrum Missions Advanced Resilient Trusted System (S²MARTS) Other Transaction Agreement (OTA), managed by National Security Technology Accelerator (NSTXL).

Under the SHIP program, Qorvo will design and deliver the highest levels of heterogeneous packaging integration. This is essential to meet the size, weight, power and cost (SWAP-C) requirements for next-generation phased array radar systems, unmanned vehicles, electronic warfare platforms and satellite communications.


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eBook: A Designer’s Primer on Radar Systems

Combined with advances in phased-array antennas and integration technologies, radars are moving beyond military/aerospace markets to address a host of commercial applications. This primer showcases how NI AWR software provides designers with the advanced modeling and simulation technologies needed to meet the challenges of all types of radar system design.


A Designer’s Primer on 5G Communications

Recent advances in NI AWR software are helping designers develop the antenna and RF front-end components that are making 5G a reality. This primer offers content on the innovative wizards and synthesis technologies that enable engineers designing 5G communications systems to deliver cost-effective, high performance, and high-reliability products to market.