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EMC Products

ON Semiconductor www.onsemi.com
SolaHD www.solahd.com
Ferroxcube www.ferroxcube.com

Power Devices

Cree, Inc. www.cree.com
Skyworks Solutions, Inc. www.skyworksinc.com
Microsemi Corporation www.microsemi.com
JFW Industries www.jfwindustries.com
Nitronex www.nitronex.com


Fastrax Ltd. www.fastraxgps.com
Radiocrafts AS www.radiocrafts.com
Libelium www.libelium.com
Nextreme Thermal Solutions www.nextreme.com
Spacek Labs www.spaceklabs.com

1804 HFE mmWave 01


Model SFS-18340315-KFSFSF-N1-M is a broadband subharmonically pumped mixer that utilizes a high performance GaAs MMIC to offer superior RF performance. The mixer provides a conversion loss of 15 dB over the RF frequency range of 18 to 40 GHz with an IF frequency of 1.0 to 3.0 GHz. The mixer requires an LO signal from 9 to 20 GHz at a nominal +13 dBm. In addition, the subharmonically pumped mixer offers high LO to IF and RF to LO isolations.

SAGE Millimeter

1804 HFE mmWave 02

E-Band LNA

Model SBL-6039032560-1F12-E1-WC is an E band low noise amplifier with a typical small signal gain of 25 dB and a nominal noise figure of 6 dB across the frequency range of 60 to 90 GHz. The DC power requirement for the amplifier is +8 VDC/30 mA. The input port configuration is a female 1 mm connector and the output is a WR-12 Waveguide with UG-387/U Flange. Other port configurations are available under different model numbers.

SAGE Millimeter

1804 HFE mmWave 03


RFMW announced support for Smiths Interconnect “Outrigger” resistors. Patented technology allows 4 to 12 X power handling over conventional 0402 and 0603 size resistors for RF circuits up to 27 GHz. Outrigger resistors come standard in 50 and 100 ohm resistances with available values from 10 to 500 ohms for customer specific applications where increased power dissipation is critical. The CRH04091005F is a 100 ohm resistor capable of handling 1 Watt CW and up to 10 Watts of pulsed RF power yet measures only 1.02 x 2.29mm.


1804 HFE mmWave 04

BGA Socket

Ironwood Electronics introduced a new BGA socket design using high-performance elastomer capable of 75GHz, very low inductance, and wide temperature applications. The GT-BGA-2082 socket is designed for 6x6 mm package size and operates at bandwidths up to 75GHz with less than 1dB of insertion loss. The socket is designed to dissipate few watts using compression screw and can be customized up to few hundred watts with modified fin design on top of the screw and adding axial flow fan.

Ironwood Electronics

Product Highlights

AR RF/Microwave Instrumentation www.arworld.us

Linear Technology Corporation www.linear.com

Mini-Circuits www.minicircuits.com

Connor-Winfield www.conwin.com

Aethercomm www.aethercomm.com

ACS www.appliedmicrowave.com

MITEQ, Inc. www.MITEQ.com

New Products

Crystek Corporation www.crystek.com

RF Micro Devices, Inc. www.rfmd.com

Linear Technology Corporation www.linear.com

Anritsu Company www.anritsu.com

Valpey Fisher Corporation www.valpeyfisher.com

TriQuint Semiconductor www.triquint.com

Mini-Circuits www.minicircuits.com

Analog Devices, Inc. www.analog.com

Aeroflex Limited www.aeroflex.com

Rohde & Schwarz www.rohde-schwarz.com

Lansdale Semiconductor, Inc. www.lansdale.com

Empower RF Systems www.EmpowerRF.com

Rakon Limited www.rakon.com

Spacek Labs www.spaceklabs.com

Agilent Technologies www.agilent.com

Computer Simulation Technology www.cst.com

W.L. Gore & Associates, Inc. www.gore.com

Skyworks Solutions, Inc. www.skyworksinc.com

Laird Technologies, Inc. www.lairdtech.com

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