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New eBook - AWR Corp.

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AWR Corp. announced the availability of a free excerpt of the new eBook from Professor Francesco Fornetti, Conquer Radio Frequency A Multimedia Conceptual Guide to RF and Microwave Engineering. The excerpt includes select Explore RF instructional video tutorials done using AWR’s Microwave Office® circuit design software. The download is offered as part of AWR’s Professors in Partnership, a unique program specifically designed to provide engineering students, faculty, and graduates with access to ongoing microwave and RF educational content that enhances and promotes the use of AWR software solutions through e-books, textbooks, and videos.


Editor's Choice

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X Band Power Amp Module

The AM07511242SF-3H is a broadband GaAs MMIC amplifier module which operates from 7.5 GHz – 11.2 GHz. The unit provides 41.5 dBm (14 W) of CW output power (Psat) while operating at a supply voltage of 12 – 15 V. It has a small signal gain of 22.5 dB, Input & output is matched to 50 ohm. It is useful for Radar, Transmit Receive (T/R) and Instrumentation & control applications. We have multiple high power amplifiers modules up to 20 GHz frequency. Custom designs available on request.

AMCOM Communications

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Withwave’s Vertical Launch Connectors are specially designed for solderless vertical PCB launch on test & measurement board. These connectors have excellent electrical transition performance up to 50 GHz as well as reduce installation time by eliminating soldering. It is the best solution available for easy use in test & measurement boards, high speed digital test boards. We solve your performance and cost problems.


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Herotek offers Detectors, Comb Generators, Limiters, Switches, GaAsFet Amplifiers (Broadband, Low Noise, and Power) and integrated subsystems of many types, including up and down converters, multipliers, harmonic mixers, and transceivers. Herotek has been a quality supplier of RF and Microwave components since 1982. It is a broad-based, high technology company supplying parts for the Military, Industrial and Commercial markets with designs from DC to 75 GHz.


1607 HFE choice 04

Directional Coupler

VidaRF offers a new directional coupler Model: VDC-75160A6 operates from 7.5-16 GHz. The coupler has directivity of over 15dB with low loss and with good VSWR. Available in 6, 10, 20 or 30dB coupling value, 50 watts power handling with SMA connectors, operating temp -55 to +85 C. Sealed and painted to meet IP65 standards.


1607 HFE choice 05

Power Amp

Model SBP-7137631528-1212-E1 is a power amplifier with a typical small signal gain of 15 dB, a nominal P1dB of +25 dBm and a Psat of +30 dBm across the frequency range of 71 to 76 GHz.  The DC power requirement is +15 VDC/500 mA. The mechanical configuration offers an in line structure with WR-12 waveguides and UG-385/U flanges. Other port configurations, such as with 1 mm connectors or a right angle structure with WR-12 waveguides, are also available under different model numbers.

SAGE Millimeter

1607 HFE choice 06

Antenna Switch

RFMW announced design and sales support for a DPDT antenna switch from Skyworks. The SKY13698-694LF offers insertion loss of only 0.27dB over the wide frequency range of 400 to 5900MHz supporting emerging, high band applications such as LAA/LTE-U and sub-6 GHz. Port to port isolation is 30dB. No external DC blocking capacitors are required on the RF path as long as no DC voltage is applied externally. The SKY13698-694LF DPDT switch is provided in a compact Quad Flat No-Lead (QFN) 1.83 × 1.83 × 0.5 mm package.


1607 HFE choice 07

Wideband Power Amps

Ciao Wireless’s Wideband Power Amplifier product line offers ultrawide bandwidth coverage combined with stable output power levels. Designs offer frequency coverage for 2-18 GHz, 2-20 GHz and 2-22 GHz with output power levels up to +32 dBm @ P1 dB PT offered. Each design is unconditionally stable with flat gain response (±1.5 dB Typ) over the full pass band as well as good VSWR performance. Multiple gain and power levels are available with rapid delivery. All units are designed to meet the reliability and performance requirements of MIL-PRF-38534.

Ciao Wireless

1607 HFE choice 08

RF Amplifiers

Norden designs and manufactures a variety of RF amplifiers to suit your needs. Features: 500 MHz to 110 GHz; Narrow-Band to multi-octave; Military, medical, and test applications; Low noise amplifiers available. Extensive engineering and prototyping capability, a trained manufacturing staff, and an experienced vendor/supplier base all combine to make Norden a great choice for product development and manufacturing.

Norden Millimeter

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