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Passive Components

Cobham Inmet (formerly Aeroflex/Inmet) is a solution minded, performance driven, and customer focused global supplier of passive RF and Microwave components for markets such as: Commercial; Military; Space; Laboratory test. Product solutions include the POWERFILM™ line of surface mount resistive components, coaxial signal conditioning products to 65 GHz, and coaxial test cable assemblies.

Cobham Inmet
IMS Booth # 3436

RFIC Characterization and Production Test

NI’s RFIC Reference Solution is a hardware and software package for engineers characterizing PAs and Front End Modules. In addition to native support for envelope tracking, DPD, and EVM/ACP measurements, new features include extended DPD capabilities and harmonics measurements up to 26.5 GHz. NI’s Semiconductor Test System now adds features such as 48-port S-parameter measurements and integrated system calibration.

National Instruments
IMS Booth # 2431

LTE-A App Note

Keysight’s app note, “Solutions for Testing Data Throughput Performance in LTE-A User Equipment” provides insight into simplified, real-world functional and RF test of LTE-A user equipment (UE) performance using a fast, flexible and future-ready one-box tester. Keysight’s Power of Wireless app notes provide understanding into the evolving wireless industry and help users accelerate product development.

Keysight Technologies
IMS Booth # 739

Adapter Catalog

A new brochure shows the updated product spectrum of hermetically sealed adapters. All adapters use fused in glass seals between center contact and outer conductor. Standard leakage is less than 10-8 cc/sec @ 1 atmosphere Helium per MIL-STD 202. Outer connector conductors are from stainless steel, center conductors are from BeCu2, both gold plated. Connector series are 1.85mm 2.4mm, 2.92mm, N and TNC.

Spectrum Elektrotechnik
IMS Booth # 3441

Power Amp

Richardson RFPD announced availability and full design support for a new 4W power amplifier from M/A-COM Technology Solutions. The MAAP-011139-DIE is a four-stage, 4W power amplifier that operates from 29 to 31 GHz and provides 24 dB of linear gain (@ 30 GHz), 4W saturated output power, and 23% efficiency while biased at 6V.

Richardson RFPD
IMS Booth # 2436

Calibration Module

Anritsu’s MN4765B O/E Calibration Module for its MS4640B Series VectorStar® vector network analyzers creates a cost-effective, flexible solution for measuring 40 Gb/s components and transceivers. Serving as an optical receiver, it allows engineers to use the MS4640B Series to perform highly accurate, stable optoelectronic measurements on laser modulators and photo-receivers during R&D and manufacturing.

IMS Booth # 2438


1.0 mm (W) DC to 110 GHz connectors offer superior performance for Flange-mount, Thread-in, Board Mount and Cable applications. Built in the USA to rigorous standards, they feature a 360° raised grounding ring and temperature rating of -55°C to 165°C. Mode-free operation through 110 GHz, well-matched impedance, excellent repeatability and the industry’s lowest VSWR, insertion loss and RF leakage.

Southwest Microwave
IMS Booth # 3022

Cable Assemblies

Superflexible, PIM rated, Plenum rated SPP™ Jumpers are the ideal DAS interconnect solution. Superior in electrical performance to other copper cable assemblies, Times Microwave SPP™-LLPL cables are the perfect in-building solution for PIM-sensitive installations and system interconnects.

Times Microwave Systems
IMS Booth # 921

USB-Controlled Components

Pasternack released new USB-controlled microwave and millimeter wave components including amplifiers, attenuators and PIN diode switches. They are controlled and powered by a USB 2.0 port with driverless installation, meaning no external power supply is required. The attenuators and switches require an easy-to-use downloadable software program which interfaces with any Windows computer.

IMS Booth # 3214


C.W. Swift is a distributor of RF & Microwave Electronic Components; Connectors, Adapters, Cables, Amplifiers, Mixers, Attenuators, Couplers, Terminations, Power Dividers, Variable Capacitors, EMP Protectors, DC Blocks, WG To Coax Adapters; SMA, N, TNC, BNC, MCX, MMCX, 7/16, 7mm, 3.5mm K(2.92mm), 2.4mm, SMB, SMC.

C. W. Swift & Associates
IMS Booth # 2229

Inductors and More

Coilcraft produces inductors for customers in telecommunications, computers, instrumentation and consumer electronics. Most are standard, off-the-shelf products, but many are still custom-designed to meet customers' specific requirements. Coilcraft's worldwide headquarters are in Cary, Illinois. In addition to corporate offices, this facility houses its engineering department plus manufacturing.

IMS Booth # 1929

Simulation Software

CST offers accurate, efficient computational solutions for electromagnetic design and analysis. Our user-friendly 3D EM simulation software enables you to choose the most appropriate method for the design and optimization of devices operating in a wide range of frequencies.

IMS Booth # 3244

Cables & Cable Assemblies

Gore's cables and cable assemblies maintain reliable electrical and mechanical integrity in demanding, harsh environments. Cables are engineered with the latest materials science to meet rigorous electrical, mechanical, and environmental requirements for the most challenging applications — civil and military aircraft, spaceflight, cleanroom, automation, or oil and gas exploration, and more.

W. L. Gore & Associates
IMS Booth # 1042

Passive Components

Pulsar Microwave Corp. is a valued supplier of high quality RF and microwave passive components in the frequency range of DC to 85 GHz. Because of our large library of designs, we are able to provide custom products with little effort and in most cases with no additional price increase above the standard catalog item. New products are introduced on an almost monthly basis.

Pulsar Microwave

Cable Assemblies

IW or Insulated Wire is an RF microwave cable, microwave cable assemblies, and wire manufacturer that supplies global markets with coaxial microwave cable and high power microwave cable assemblies as well as multi-conductor wire and cable, high temperature PTFE hookup wire and dielectric cores. IW also has a wide variety of RF connectors and adapters to complement its product line.

IW Microwave
IMS Booth # 2922

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Microwave Components is a distributor for a broad range of companies, including Cobham Inmet; Amphenol RF; Astrolab - Huber + Suhner; Cobham Advanced Electronic Systems; Corning Gilbert Inc.; CW Industries; Delta Electronics MFG. Corp.; Dynawave Inc.; Huber + Suhner Inc.; Kings Electronics - Winchester Co.; Inductor Supply Inc.; JFW Industries; Johanson Mfg., and many more.

Microwave Components

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Cable & Connectors

SV Microwave designs and manufactures RF/Microwave coaxial connectors, cable assemblies and passive components designed for military, satellite, aerospace, commercial and telecommunications applications. Product lines include commercial-off-the-shelf items and made-to-order custom, one-of-a-kind and hard-to-find products.

SV Microwave
IMS Booth # 1818

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Coaxial Relays

RelComm Technologies designs and manufactures design enhanced standard and application specific RF coaxial relays for mission critical communications including security, safety and intelligence, commercial telecom infrastructure, military defense fixed/mobile/shipboard/underseas as well as test and measurement instrumentation operating form DC to 40 GHz.

RelComm Technologies
IMS Booth # 2319

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Multi-Port Solutions

Molex’s multi-port RF solutions cover a wide range of styles, sizes, frequencies and layouts in 50 or 75 Ohm impedance. These solutions solve packaging and handling issues in today’s RF systems. Interfaces include a variety of styles and sizes; MCX, SMP, SMP-MAX, 1.0/2.3, SSMCX, MPRF and SMPM. High density options as small as 3 mm center-to-center spacing and Vita 67 available.

IMS Booth # 2226

1504 HFE choice05

Source-Leveling Power Sensor

LadyBug announced an analog output option for simpler, faster calibration. While power sensor calibration and verification can be cumbersome and time-consuming, the process can be simplified and automated by using a leveling loop, which feeds the power level back to the source’s analog level control input from a LadyBug LB589A power sensor using its recorder output. This eliminates the need for manual level adjustment.

LadyBug Technologies
IMS Booth # 1931

1504 HFE choice06


The APT3-05400590-1010-LS-D4 is a low noise amplifier with super-low noise figure (<0.9 dB, 0.7 dB typical). Lower NF options are also available with custom flatness, VSWR, P1dB, and packaging. An internal limiter at the input offers protection of up to 2W CW of RF input power over the full band. The high performance is an example of AmpliTech’s industry-leading low-noise design and technology.

IMS Booth # 1126

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Modulator Amp

PMI Model No. PMA-218-BAE is a modulator amplifier capable of amplitude modulation, level control and pulse modulation for an RF stimulus path that works from 0.5 to 2.0 GHz and 2.0 to 18.0 GHz. This integrated module contains switches, modulators, attenuators and amplifiers and is built using MIC/MMIC technology.

Planar Monolithics Industries
IMS Booth # 1927

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Multi-Octave Wideband Low Noise High Gain Amplifier Model AF01-6371810B operates from 0.1 to 6 GHz. It has Noise Figure of 1.8 dBm, gain of 37 dB with max gain variation of +/- 0.8 dB, P1 dB output of +10 dBm, and current draw of 120 mA at +12V bias. It comes in a hermetically sealed package with removable connectors for drop-in assembly and is designed for military and commercial applications.

IMS Booth # 2924

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Power Amps

AMCOM has earned a reputation as a leading-edge microwave design organization that includes power FETs, wide-band MMIC power amplifiers, as well as high-power amplifier modules with RF and DC connectors that are ready to be used in microwave systems. One of its specialty products is high-power, broadband, high-efficiency power amplifiers.

IMS Booth # 626

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Multi-Port Solutions

Molex’s multi-port RF solutions cover a wide range of styles, sizes, frequencies and layouts in 50 or 75 Ohm impedance. These solutions solve packaging and handling issues in today’s RF systems. Interfaces include a variety of styles and sizes; MCX, SMP, SMP-MAX, 1.0/2.3, SSMCX, MPRF and SMPM. High density options as small as 3 mm center-to-center spacing and Vita 67 available.

IMS Booth # 2226

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Web Exclusives



The comprehensive search engine on the AmpliTech website has been significantly revamped to not only allow for searches based on particular specifications, but to offer results that are closest to the entered parameters (within certain ranges) if a search by the exact specifications yields no matches. In addition, searching for a particular model number (in lieu of a search by specifications) has been made easier due to the ability to search for partials in case the customer doesn’t have the entire exact model number handy. More versatility has also been added by allowing searches just by using either a Start OR Stop frequency as opposed to both. For example, the user can simply enter 10 GHz for the Start frequency and leave the Stop frequency blank to see all models whose bandwidth starts at 10 GHz or higher.


Insulated Wire

Insulated Wire’s Microwave Products Division announced a new distribution agreement with HASCO Inc. for the Re‐Flex™ product range. Re‐Flex™ is a semi‐rigid and conformable replacement cable combining IW’s unique laminated dielectric with a tin/alloy plated outer braid to provide a double shielded re‐formable cable that eliminates the failure modes of traditional solid and solder dipped outer jacketed, and provides a highly flexible cable with excellent RF performance, including lower attenuation than the comparable line size RG cables.

HASCO Inc. has stock available for immediate delivery of RF141 (RG402 line size) assemblies in a range of lengths starting at 2” with both direct solder and shell style SMA connectors, operating to 18 GHz and 26.5 GHz respectively. For further information and specifications please contact HASCO Inc.: