Friday, October 21, 2016
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White Paper: RFICs

A new white paper highlighting the use of NI AWR Design Environment for successful characterization of RF integrated circuits (RFICs) is now available at The white paper discusses various electromagnetic (EM) simulation techniques and their relative strengths and weaknesses when addressing the challenges of RFIC design. The Integrating EM Simulation Technologies Within an RFIC Design Flow white paper can be downloaded (requires registration) at

National Instruments

1.0 mm (W) Precision Adapters 

Southwest Microwave’s full range of commercially-priced within-series and between-series 1.0 mm precision adapters feature near-metrology grade performance. Designed to address higher frequencies up to 110 GHz, the adapters successfully and economically address critical production and test requirements and are ideal for use as connector savers without compromising measurement accuracy.

Southwest Microwave

TWT Power Amp

Tango Wave's new Model PA17-Ku400P is a Traveling Wave Tube (TWT) power amplifier that will deliver 180 watts of linear power over the 12.75-14.5 GHz band and offers small size and weight with less power consumption than existing amplifier products. The optional L-Band block up-converter (BUC) is an internal design that does not add to the size of the amplifier.

Tango Wave

3.5mm Precision In-Series Adapters

3.5mm Precision In-Series Adapters: SGMC Microwave’s 3.5mm series are precision grade connectors designed for use with microwave applications requiring excellent performance up to 34 GHz. SGMC offers an extensive line of 3.5mm precision adapters, receptacles, and cable connectors for various semi-rigid and flexible coaxial cables. Special designs are also available upon request.

SGMC Microwave

Power Sensors: 3-Year Warranty

LadyBug Technologies’ Power Sensors have always delivered reliable NIST traceable accuracy year after year. Now they are backed up with a formal three-year warranty, adding to customer confidence. The industry-leading sensors are flat over frequency, offer wide dynamic range and patented thermal stability. All LadyBug Power Sensors including its True-RMS, Peak & Pulse, and Pulse profiling lines are protected by the new warranty.

LadyBug Technologies, LLC


Richardson RFPD announced availability and design support for four new GaN on SiC high-electron-mobility transistors from Qorvo. The QPD1000 is a 15 W (P3dB), 50Ù-input matched discrete GaN on SiC HEMT that operates from 30 MHz to 1.215 GHz. The integrated input matching network enables wideband gain and power performance, while the output can be matched on board to optimize power and efficiency for any region within the band. The CW- and pulse-capable device is housed in a 5 mm x 6 mm leadless SMT package that saves real estate.

Richardson RFPD


Model STF-10-S1 is a full band Faraday isolator that operates from 75 to 110 GHz. The Faraday isolator is constructed with a longitudinal, magnetized ferrite rod that causes a Faraday rotation of the incoming RF signal. The Faraday isolator offers 35 dB typical isolation and 1.5 dB nominal insertion loss with good flatness. The input and output ports are WR-10 waveguides with UG-387/U-M flanges.

SAGE Millimeter

YIG Oscillator FM Coil Bandwidth of 20 MHz @ 3 dB

Micro Lambda Wireless announced that for the first time in YIG oscillator design, there is now availability of an FM coil bandwidth of 20 MHz minimum @ 3 dB. This revolutionary technology step gives more flexibility in PLL loop design for superior phase noise performance. This new design has been perfected for both Permanent Magnet and Electromagnetic designed YIG oscillators. Production release has been accomplished for all TO-8, Mini and PCB configured oscillators up to 16 GHz. Larger sizes like 1” cube, 1.25” cube and 1.75” cylinders up to 16 GHz will be available soon.

Micro Lambda Wireless

Component Design

Passive microwave & RF component design is a major application of CST STUDIO SUITE®, and supporting it is one of CST’s core competencies. Design engineers use the exceptional performance of CST MICROWAVE STUDIO® (CST MWS) for developing a wide variety of applications, such as antennas, filters and couplers. CST STUDIO SUITE is characterized by its easy-to-use interface, diverse import filters, versatile parameterization capabilities and automatic optimization tools, and includes the powerful post-processing options that get your development process up to speed.


Phase Noise Tester Covers Up to 50 GHz

With the R&S FSWP phase noise tester, users can measure the spectral purity of signal sources such as generators, synthesizers and voltage-controlled oscillators (VCO) more quickly than with any other solution. The high-end instrument covers a frequency range up to 50 GHz and offers a top dynamic range. The extremely low phase noise of its local oscillator coupled with cross-correlation even makes it possible to easily measure signal sources that in the past required complex test setups or could not be measured at all.

Rohde & Schwarz

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Editor's Choice

1610 HFE choice 01

IQ Mixers

New MMIC IQ mixers from Fairview (also known as IQ modulators) utilize a highly reliable GaAs MESFET semiconductor process which integrates a pair of matched double balanced mixer cells, a 90-degree hybrid and a 0-degree splitter/combiner that produces exceptional amplitude and phase balance performance. This level of integration offers size and performance advantages in comparison to discrete module assemblies.

Fairview Microwave

1610 HFE choice 02

Up/Downconverter Product Guide 

SignalCore, Inc. is a privately held company based in Austin, Texas. SignalCore designs and manufactures radio frequency (RF) and microwave instrumentation-grade subsystems. We serve customers worldwide in research and development laboratories, universities, and both the private and public sector industries of telecommunications, broadcasting, aerospace, defense and electronics manufacturing. Check out our latest product guide at:


1610 HFE choice 03

Signal Analyzer: Frequency Coverage to 110 GHz

Keysight Technologies released its N9041B UXA X-Series signal analyzer, the first to provide frequency coverage to 110 GHz with a maximum analysis bandwidth of up to 5 GHz. Developing off-the-shelf tools for extremely high frequencies requires Keysight’s proven blend of measurement science and millimeter-wave expertise. The N9041B UXA exemplifies the company’s unique capabilities with attributes such as advanced front-end circuitry that achieves low loss and efficient mixing.

Keysight Technologies

1610 HFE choice 04


Skyworks has broadened its antenna tuner portfolio with two new Mobile Industry Processor Interface (MIPI®)-controlled devices that support ultra-low Ron (SKY19247-686LF) and ultra-high Vpeak (SKY19237-001).  These new tuners are ideal for smartphones, data cards and MiFi® hotspots and improve antenna efficiency, as well as Total Radiated Power (TRP) and Total Isotropic Sensitivity (TIS) performance. They deliver high linearity for carrier aggregation applications and low insertion loss. 


1610 HFE choice 05

RF Connectors 

SV Microwave manufactures a large variety of solderless precision compression mount RF connectors in high frequency bands including the mmWave frequencies. SV offers a variety of cost effective coaxial PCB mount 2.92mm and 2.4mm connector series. Our solderless application makes assembly fast, easy and without damaging the PCB board. Additionally, SV can customize a PCB footprint design for your application using our latest simulation technology.

SV Microwave

1610 HFE choice 06


SRTechnology manufactures a broad range of attenuators to serve the entire spectrum of requirements. 1, 2, 5, 10, 50, and 100W versions are available to suit your particular need. SRT has set up a strong and motivated team able to service customers worldwide in a unique and successful way. R&D represents SRT’s core and highest added value thanks to a balanced mix of well-trained engineers and experienced personnel with both electrical and mechanical competencies.


1610 HFE choice 07

Wideband Amps

Herotek has released a series of ultra-wide-band amplifiers with a single unit covering frequency range from 0.01 to 20 GHz. These units have uncompromised input and output VSWR with excellent gain flatness. An example of one of these units, Model AF00120243A, has minimum gain of 24 dB, maximum noise figure of 3.0, maximum gain flatness of ± 1.5 dB, operating at +5V (90mA).


1610 HFE choice 08

Right-Angle Adapters 

Spectrum’s TNC right-angle adapters feature: Impedance: 50 ohms; VSWR: 1.15 max.; Frequency: DC to 18.0 GHz; Insertion Loss: (0.05 * SQRT(f(GHZ))) dB; Insulation Resistance: 5000 megaohms min.; Center Conductor Contact Resistance: 2.0 milliohms max.; Center Conductor Contact Resistance: 2.0 milliohms max.; Dielectric Withstanding Voltage @ Sea Level: 1500 Vrms.

Spectrum Elektrotechnik

1610 HFE choice 09

Power Detector

Linear Technology introduced the LTC5596, a high frequency, wideband and high dynamic range RMS power detector that provides accurate, true power measurement of RF and microwave signals independent of modulation and waveforms. The LTC5596 responds in an easy to use log-linear 29mV/dB scale to signal levels from –37dBm to –2dBm, at accuracy better than ±1dB error over the full operating temperature range and RF frequency range, from 200MHz to an unprecedented 30GHz.

Linear Technology

1610 HFE choice 10

18-40 GHz Downconverter

This is a millimeter-wave frequency converter with a single RF input and two IF outputs at 4-18 GHz. The unit has integrated LO sources and downconverts 18-26.5 GHz and 26.5-40 GHz simultaneously. A positively sloping gain across the frequency range compensates for other system losses.

Norden Millimeter

1610 HFE choice 11

Power Sensor

Boonton introduced the RTP4000 series of Real-Time True Average power sensors. They deliver a dynamic range from -60 dBm to +20 dBm, a frequency range down to 6 kHz and an industry leading measurement rate of 100,000 measurements per second. Built with Boonton’s Real-Time Power ProcessingTM technology which eliminates gaps in acquisition and provides zero measurement latency, RTP4000 sensors deliver lightning-fast performance in a compact USB form factor. 


October 2016

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The October 2016 Online Edition is now available for viewing and download!

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Web Exclusives


Smiths Microwave

Smiths Microwave is pleased to announce that LORCH Microwave has joined EMC Technology, Florida RF Labs, and TRAK Dundee in the Smiths Microwave - Components business unit as of February 15, 2016.The addition of Lorch Microwave’s multi-topology RF/microwave signal conditioning and high selectivity filter products will add to the already broad offering including ferrites, waveguides, resistive components, cable assemblies and other interconnects and signal conditioning components.

“We are excited to welcome the committed team in Salisbury, Maryland and look forward to providing our current and future customers with an even broader range of component solutions,” noted Robert Torsiello, President of Smiths Microwave - Components. “Lorch is an industry recognized brand with a substantial heritage of innovation and customization.  This addition ultimately reinforces our long established value proposition and business strategy; we continue to become technologically broader and deeper”.


Rogers Corp. to Exhibit, Provide Education at DesignCon

Rogers Corp. will be exhibiting (booth # 702) and educating at the upcoming DesignCon ( Now in its 21st year, DesignCon is a premiere event for design chip-circuit-and system-level engineers working on high-frequency analog and high-speed digital circuits. DesignCon 2016 is scheduled for January 19-21, 2016 (January 20-21 for the exhibition) at the Santa Clara Convention Center (Santa Clara, CA).

On the conference side, John Coonrod, Technical Marketing Manager for Rogers Advanced Connectivity Solutions, and author of the popular ROG Blog series, will participate in a 75-minute panel discussion targeting effective measurement methods for high-frequency/high-speed printed-circuit-board (PCB) materials.

This technical presentation will focus, in particular, on frequencies above 10 GHz, as needed for a growing number of applications, including many emerging wireless communications systems. Conducted by the IPC D-24c task group ( on High Frequency Test Methods, the round-robin-style panel discussion (“Track 05: Characterize PCB Materials and Processing”) will explore the properties of some of the latest circuit materials and examine different methods for testing and characterizing those materials. Joining John Coonrod in the discussion will be Glenn Oliver, Senior Engineer at DuPont, and Don DeGroot, President of CCN.

Also, Dr. Allen F. Horn III will be presenting “Effect of conductor profile structure on propagation in transmission lines” at 9:20 AM on Thursday, January 21 and participating as a member of the August panel discussion “Getting smooth copper and keeping it” at 3:45 PM on Thursday, January 21.