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Integrated Waveguide Filters for 5G

MEMtronics manufactures custom bandpass filters in the microwave and millimeter-wave frequency bands. These offerings implement integrated waveguide technology to create high-performance, low profile filters which can be bonded directly into customer assemblies. The benefits of these filters include: low loss, excellent flatness with narrow bandwidths, broad and deep rejection bands, and excellent environmental stability.



PMI Model No. SDLVAC-0120-70M is a miniature successive detection log video amplifier that operates over the 0.1 to 2.0 GHz frequency range. This unit has a dynamic range of 65 to 70 dB, a TSS of -67 dBm, and a nominal video bandwidth of 20 MHz. This unit is designed using cutting edge GaAs technology, which provides stunning performance and reliability in a compact package making it an optimum solution for high speed channelized receiver applications. This unit offers typical fast rise time of <20 ns, rapid fall time of <25 ns, as well as superior delay time of 8 ns. The log slope is 25 mV/dB and the accuracy is less than ±1.0 dB over the -60 to 0 dBm power input range. Dynamic range can be extended of ±1.5 dB. Options are available with adjustable logging slope and DC offsets.

Planar Monolithics Industries

New Pulse Profiling Power Sensor

LadyBug Technologies’ 20 GHz thermally stable LB680A USB pulse profiling power sensor is newly updated and better than ever. The LB680A is capable of delivering a time domain pulse profiling plot. In addition to the time domain pulse profile, the sensor will perform statistical functions such as CDF, CCDF & PDF. These statistical peak and pulse measurements can be made with virtually no setup.

ATE users will appreciate the newly updated driver that provides support for 32 or 64 bit programs running in either 32 or 64 bit systems. This new driver system delivers exceptionally fast continuous measurements. Antenna testing and source calibration customers can take advantage of the fast interface that delivers over 2,000 settled average measurements per second in addition to pulse measurements.

LadyBug Technologies

Elastomer Socket

Ironwood Electronics introduced a high performance elastomer socket for 0.35mm pitch WLCSP package. The SG25-BGA-2071 socket is designed for a 4.525mmx4.525mm package size and operates at bandwidths up to 52 GHz with less than 1dB of insertion loss (GSSG configuration). The contact resistance is typically 20 milliohms per pin. Network analyzer reflection measurements for the G-S-S-G case were taken with all except the pins under consideration terminated into 50 Ohms. The socket is mounted using supplied hardware on the target PCB with no soldering, and uses smallest footprint in the industry.

Ironwood Electronics

Frequency Synthesizer Test Boxes Now Available with Power Leveling


Micro Lambda Wireless Inc. announced the release of frequency synthesizer test boxes with either 31.5 dB or 63 dB power leveling covering frequencies from 2 GHz to 20 GHz. Standard frequency models are available covering 2 to 8 GHz, 8 to 20 GHz and 2 to 20 GHz. Special customer defined frequency ranges within the entire frequency range are available on special order.


Standard models are specified to operate over the 0 to +65 C temperature range.

This series of frequency synthesizers have been designed in an enclosure that will fit within standard equipment racks. Units are provided with accessory packs that include 120 VAC power cord, 6' CAT 5 Ethernet cable, 6' USB-A to USB mini-B cable, User Manual and PC control software and Quick start guide on USB stick.


Micro Lambda Wireless

Digital Controlled Phase Shifter


PMI Model No. PS-360-DC-3 OPTION 812-15D is an 8-bit digital controlled phase shifter operating over the 8.0 to 12.0 GHz frequency range. This high-speed phase shifter has a 360° range with an LSB of 1.4°. Insertion Loss 14 dB Max; Switching Speed 50% TTL to within 500 ns Max; PM / AM ±2.5 dB Max; Survival Power +31 dBm Max; VSWR 2.0:1 Max; Accuracy ±15° Max (Peak to Peak); Peak Power +30 dBm (2 dB Compression) and Average Power +25 dBm (1 dB Compression). Unit size 1.60" x 1.75" x 0.50" (Excluding Mounting Holes and Connectors) with SMA (F) connectors and 15-Pin Micro-D control & power connector.


Planar Monolithics Industries


Power Dividers


ET Industries is proud to announce power dividers operating in the frequency range of 10 GHz to 40 GHz and 18.0 to 40 GHz with a 6-way power splitting /combining in a compact package.

ET Industries is an engineering firm specializing in the design and manufacture state-of-the-art RF components, subsystems and systems. With the broadest frequency range in the industry (10 MHz to 67 GHz) coupled with low VSWR, high directivity and moderate insertion loss, ET Industries’ products are among the best in the industry and ET Industries is considered one of the leading engineering firms in its field.


ET Industries

New Products

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Switches, GaAsFET Amps, and More

Herotek, Inc. has been a quality supplier of RF and Microwave components since 1982. Herotek is a broad-based, high technology company supplying parts for the Military, Industrial and Commercial markets with designs from DC to 75 GHz. It offers standard products as well as thousands of custom designs, and is happy to match existing products.

Herotek offers Detectors, Comb Generators, Limiters, Switches, GaAsFet Amplifiers (Broadband, Low Noise, and Power) and integrated subsystems of many types, including up and down converters, multipliers, harmonic mixers, and transceivers.


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Wireless Digital Signals Course: Online

The process of coding information onto an RF carrier is a key aspect that enables modern wireless transmission. An RF/wireless engineer needs to understand how information can be represented as changes to the properties of a carrier, as well as the impediments that the carrier faces going from the transmit antenna to the receive antenna. Although the topic is complex, many key concepts are remarkably simple to understand and help to demystify assumptions concerning frequency, range, and bandwidth requirements for example. Furthermore, understanding the basic modulation types serves as a foundation for understanding how today's elaborate commercial standards work, by seeing them as the combination of familiar building blocks alongside other more advanced techniques.

Besser Associates

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RF/Microwave EDA Software Design Flow Considerations for PA MMIC Design

In this white paper, a gallium arsenide (GaAs) pseudomorphic high-electron mobility transistor (pHEMT) power amplifier (PA) design approach is examined from a systems perspective. It highlights the design flow and its essential features for most PA design projects by illustrating a simple Class A GaAs pHEMT monolithic microwave IC (MMIC) PA design using Cadence® AWR® Microwave Office® circuit design software. The paper begins with the concepts of design closure and then describes parametric design as key concepts to understanding each step of the PA design process.

Available for download via registration at:

Cadence AWR

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Type N Female Bulkhead Precision Adapters

Frequency Range: DC to 18 GHz (Mode FREE) Electrical: 50 Ohm, Low VSWR & Low Insertion Loss VSWR: 1.15:1 Max @ 18 GHz (Typical VSWR 1.05:1 through 18 GHz) O-Ring seal captivated within the flange body groove Materials: Passivated 303 Stainless Steel or Nickel Plated Brass available Dielectrics Fluorocarbon (PTFE) Available for immediate delivery – Same day shipping for all stock

SGMC Microwave

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W-Band Gunn Oscillator

Spacek Labs model GW-940-FT is a cost-effective, high power, W-Band Gunn oscillator.

The center frequency is 94 GHz with +/- 250 MHz of bias-tunable bandwidth with other frequencies available. The output power is 20mW minimum.

 Stability is 5 MHz/°C and a power stability of -0.04 dB/°C. This model incorporates an InP Gunn diode with an input bias of +5 VDC @ 1A typ. Heat is dissipated with an integrated heatsink.

Spacek Labs

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2-Way Power Divider, 10-70 GHz

Pulsar has added a new 2-way power divider, model PS2-57-450/15S, covering a frequency range of 10-70 GHz with 2.0 dB of insertion loss and 12 dB isolation.

Amplitude balance is +/- 1.0 dB and phase balance is 10 degrees. Outline dimensions are 1.0 X 0.8 X 0.38 inches with 1.85mm female connectors.

Pulsar Microwave Corporation, established in 1987, is a valued supplier of high quality RF and microwave passive components in the frequency range of DC to 85 GHz. Custom specifications are available at little to no extra cost, when based on a standard catalog item.

View our complete line of 2-Way Power Dividers/Combiners to 70 GHz, or contact sales@pulsarmicrowave.com for additional information and pricing.

Pulsar Microwave

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Advanced Channel Emulator

The ACE9600 builds upon the SLE900 by adding Payload impairment capability, synchronization of up to 16 channels, 12 tap multipath fading, and 600 MHz of instantaneous bandwidth. The instrument can be configured with 1 to 4 channels. Link impairments include delay, Doppler, attenuation, phase offset, AWGN, frequency hopping, and multipath fading. Payload impairments include IMUX/OMUX emulation (amplitude and delay distortion), amplifer compression effects (AM/AM and AM/PM), phase noise, and spurious signals. Parameters can be set to fixed values in Static mode, or continuously changed in real time in Dynamic mode without phase discontinuities.


February 2021

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The February 2021 Online Edition is now available for viewing and download!

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Ironwood right news

94GHz Socket for LGA56

Ironwood Electronics introduced new LGA socket design using high performance elastomer capable of 94 GHz, very low inductance for ATE applications. The GTP-LGA-1002 socket is designed for 10x10 mm package size and operates at bandwidths up to 94 GHz with less than 1dB of insertion loss. Contact resistance is typically 30 milliohms per pin. Socket is mounted on the target PCB with no soldering, and uses very small real estate allowing capacitors/resistors to be placed close by. This socket utilizes swivel lid for initial setup. Once test program is verified, lid and protruded screws are removed.


Qorvo® to Create State-of-the-Art Semiconductor Packaging Center

Qorvo® has been selected by the U.S. government to create a State-of-the-Art (SOTA) Heterogeneous Integrated Packaging (SHIP) RF production and prototyping center. The SHIP program will ensure that microelectronics packaging expertise and leadership is available for both U.S. defense contractors and commercial clients that require design, validation, assembly, test and manufacturing of next-generation RF components.

The exclusive SHIP Other Transaction Agreement (OTA), worth up to $75 million, was awarded to Qorvo by the Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC), Crane Division. This program is funded by the Office of the Undersecretary of Defense for Research and Engineering’s (OUSD R&E) Trusted and Assured Microelectronics Program (T&AM), and is administered by the Strategic & Spectrum Missions Advanced Resilient Trusted System (S²MARTS) Other Transaction Agreement (OTA), managed by National Security Technology Accelerator (NSTXL).

Under the SHIP program, Qorvo will design and deliver the highest levels of heterogeneous packaging integration. This is essential to meet the size, weight, power and cost (SWAP-C) requirements for next-generation phased array radar systems, unmanned vehicles, electronic warfare platforms and satellite communications.


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eBook: A Designer’s Primer on Radar Systems

Combined with advances in phased-array antennas and integration technologies, radars are moving beyond military/aerospace markets to address a host of commercial applications. This primer showcases how NI AWR software provides designers with the advanced modeling and simulation technologies needed to meet the challenges of all types of radar system design.


A Designer’s Primer on 5G Communications

Recent advances in NI AWR software are helping designers develop the antenna and RF front-end components that are making 5G a reality. This primer offers content on the innovative wizards and synthesis technologies that enable engineers designing 5G communications systems to deliver cost-effective, high performance, and high-reliability products to market.