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40 GHz CW Signal Source

The SC5520A and SC5521A are part of our ultra-high frequency synthesizer series (UHFS) of signal sources. They boast a frequency tuning range of 160 MHz to 40 GHz stepping at 1 Hz resolution, and an amplitude range of -10 dBm to +15 dBm typ with phase noise among the lowest in the market. These compact modules are ideal for system integration and appropriate for applications in communication transceivers, automotive radar and optics, and as clocks in modern day digital data converters.


MM-Wave Reference Design Kits

X-Microwave announced two new mmWave Reference Design Kits, XM-RDK-201 (ADMV1013 Upconverter) and XM-RDK-202 (ADMV1014 Downconverter). These ready-to-use solutions include all of the components needed to successfully up-convert and down-convert mmWave waveforms from low frequency IF (800 MHz – 6 GHz) to RF frequencies (22GHz to 44GHz).

The reference design kits are built using X-MWblock® modular building blocks and include the required supporting components for generating and filtering the local oscillator (LO) as well as a 90° hybrid coupler for the IF input/output. The PLL/VCO and Up/Downconverter are programmed though the included X-MWcontroller touchscreen interface.


1 MHz to 44 GHz USB Power Sensor: Option for Calibration to 50 GHz

Excellent replacement for thermal sensors Settles hundreds of times faster than thermal sensors and has much better dynamic range True-RMS measurements – accurate regardless of modulation bandwidth Thermally stabilized – no drift, no user zeroing required High 86 dB dynamic range, multi path square law diode detector system Optional performance to 50 GHz with Option 050 Programmatically compatible with competitive sensor commands Ideal for general purpose measurements and automated test systems Includes PMA-12 advanced multi-threaded software: operate many sensors at one time

LadyBug Technologies LLC

Product Guides and YIG Resources

Micro Lambda Wireless has released a series of new Product Guides and other resources for its extensive line of YIG oscillators, filters, and synthesizers, including:

2020 Oscillator Product Guide 2020 Synthesizer Product Guide 2020 YIG Filter Product Guide MSLP Quick Start Guide MLBF Quick Start Guide And much more

The company’s YIG devices offer the biggest names in the EW, ISM, and aerospace industry the lowest phase noise and superior multi-octave tuning capability. With this technology in-hand, they’re creating the next-generation of test instruments, signal generators, spectroscopy equipment, receivers, jammers, communication systems, and more.

Micro Lambda Wireless

Waveguide Switch

The LOGUS WR10 Ultra-Light Waveguide Switch operates across the 75.0 to 110.0 GHz band with a maximum VSWR of 1.20:1, Insertion Loss of 0.40 dB maximum, Isolation of 50 dB minimum, Switching Time of 50 ms maximum and is available with Indicators, TTL interface control and Port configurations.

Logus Microwave

Mini Synthesizer

Luff Research’s line of high performance miniature synthesizers is ideal for broadband applications in communications and instrumentation. SLSM5-1225 covers the 12 to 25 GHz band and the SLSM5-2434 covers the 24 to 34 GHz band. The units have 1 kHz steps, good phase noise and spurious, operate on +5V, are housed in miniature rugged enclosures and are a great value.

Luff Research

4-Beam 120 Degree Antenna System

A multibeam 120 degree antenna system with beam crossover, maximizing signal to noise ratio. This Antenna System can be employed with a single channel repeated four times thus quadrupling the data throughput. Available on all telecom bands.

ET Industries

Frequency Divider

FBS-N-40 is a custom build 0.5 - 40GHz frequency divider with fixed divide ratio of 2 to 127 (N must be specified when ordering). It is running on single 5V DC power supply with 2.92mm female Input RF Connector and SMA female output RF connector. It is designed for PLL applications. Once a customer specifies the divide ratio, we can ship on the same day order is placed.

RF Bay

New Products

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Frequency Multiplier 

Cernexwave’s CFM series active frequency multipliers cover the frequency range of 10 MHz to 500 GHz. They can be designed to multiply an RF signal 2, 3, 4 or as many as 36 times with our custom multiplier chain assemblies. These multipliers utilize state of the art MIC and MMIC technologies to provide highly stable, reliable and efficient frequency extenders for system applications.

The X12 model CFMV1V1X1210 above has an input frequency of 10MHz and an output frequency of 120MHz. It is powered by +12VDC at 400mA with 10dBm of input and output power at the SMA Female connectors.


2005 newProducts 02

Precision Right Angle Adapters

Withwave’s Precision Test Adapters with right angle types are designed based on precision microwave interconnection technologies. These adapters are manufactured to precise microwave specifications and constructed with male and female gender on both side. The precision microwave connector interfaces ensure an excellent microwave performance up to 40 GHz.


2005 newProducts 03

Spectrum Analyzer Extension Modules

OML can extend the frequency range of your existing spectrum analyzer to millimeter wave frequencies with our single diode unbalanced harmonic mixers. Harmonic mixers are available for the waveguide bands between 18 and 325 GHz. These frequency extension modules are compatible with most spectrum analyzers that offer optional external mixer access. By substituting the harmonic mixer for the existing microwave input, you can expand your spectrum analyzer frequency coverage for millimeter wave measurements.


2005 newProducts 04

Waveguide Shorts, Shims

Fairview’s new line of waveguide shorts and shims includes 36 models offered in waveguide sizes ranging from WR-430 to WR-10. This new line is ideal for use in RF test and measurement applications and provides superior RF performance. Waveguide shims and shorts, or shorting plates, are commonly included in calibration kits and they are used in calibration applications. Waveguide shims can also be used to bridge gaps between waveguide components.

These waveguide shims and shorts are compatible with square and round UG cover and CPR-style flanges and are available in both copper and aluminum versions.

Fairview Microwave

2005 newProducts 05

Front-End Module

Skyworks is pleased to introduce the SKY5®-5242-11 a dual 2.4 GHz, 802.11ax high-linearity, high-efficiency front-end module (FEM) designed for Wi-Fi 6 enabled devices including handsets, tablets and mobile devices supporting WLAN and Bluetooth® protocols. This highly integrated FEM includes two transmit and receive chains, an extremely low EVM floor power amplifier, low noise amplifier with bypass, and a SP3T antenna switch. The three transmit modes for high linearity, high efficiency and low gain provide optimal performance. The SKY55242-11 builds on Skyworks’ portfolio of revolutionary products for 5G applications.


2005 newProducts 06

RF and Microwave Components Since 1982

Herotek offers a comprehensive line of Detectors, Comb Generators, Limiters, Switches, GaAsFet Amplifiers (Broadband, Low Noise, and Power) and integrated subsystems of many types, including up and down converters, multipliers, harmonic mixers, and transceivers.

Herotek has been a quality supplier of RF and Microwave components since 1982. It is a broad-based, high technology company supplying parts for the Military, Industrial and Commercial markets with designs from DC to 75 GHz. It offers standard products as well as thousands of custom designs, and is happy to match existing products.


2005 newProducts 07

Wideband LNA

ENA-155T is a wideband low noise amplifier, with frequency range of 2 to 18GHz. It is operated on a single +12V to +15V DC power supply with gain of 17dB and typical noise figure 3.5dB. Product in stock for immediately delivery.

RF Bay

May 2020

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The May 2020 Online Edition is now available for viewing and download!

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eBook: A Designer’s Primer on Radar Systems

Combined with advances in phased-array antennas and integration technologies, radars are moving beyond military/aerospace markets to address a host of commercial applications. This primer showcases how NI AWR software provides designers with the advanced modeling and simulation technologies needed to meet the challenges of all types of radar system design.

A Designer’s Primer on 5G Communications

Recent advances in NI AWR software are helping designers develop the antenna and RF front-end components that are making 5G a reality. This primer offers content on the innovative wizards and synthesis technologies that enable engineers designing 5G communications systems to deliver cost-effective, high performance, and high-reliability products to market.