Monday, August 20, 2018
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Production test Socket for LQFP216

Ironwood Electronics introduced a new stamped spring pin socket addressing high performance requirements for testing 216 lead Quad flat pack - CBT-QFE-3014. The contactor used in CBT-QFE-3014 socket is a stamped spring pin with 17 gram actuation force per ball and cycle life of 10,000+ insertions. The self inductance of the contactor is 0.88 nH, insertion loss < 1 dB at 31.7 GHz and capacitance 0.03pF. The current capacity of each contactor is 2.9 amps.

Ironwood Electronics

Internally Swept Right Angle Adapters

SGMC Microwave offers an extensive line of 2.4mm, 2.92mm, 3.5mm, and SMA Precision Right Angle “Internally Swept Contacts” In-Series and Between-Series adapters suited for all your application needs.  Ruggedized 303 Stainless Steel (Passivated) construction for repeatability and reliability with captivated internally swept center contacts.  Low VSWR and insertion loss.  Please visit our website or contact us directly to find out more about our Precision Right Angle Coaxial Connectors.   Same day shipping is available from our stocking distributor C.W. Swift & Associates.

SGMC Microwave


Passive Plus, Inc. (PPI) now offers extended-values for the Traditional NP0, Hi-Q 0505 (.055 x .055) -- now available up to 1,000pF. The 0505 has increased operational temperature up to 200°C. These parts exhibit Low ESR/ESL, Low Noise, High Self-Resonance as well as ultra-stable performance over temperature. Used in wireless broadcasting equipment, mobile base stations, GPS, MRI, and radar applications, these capacitors are offered in magnetic and non-magnetic terminations.

Passive Plus

Public Safety Band Circulator/Isolator

Circulators and Isolators covering Public Safety bands of (700-800 MHz & 698-1000 MHz) in SMA and Type N-Female connectors. With typical specifications of; VSWR 1.30/1.35:1, Insertion Loss 0.5 dB and Isolation 18-20 dB.  MECA’s rugged & reliable construction makes them ideal for enterprise & public safety networks in the upper UHF & 700 MHz bands. Made is USA - 36 month warranty.

MECA Electronics

EW Detector Module

PMI Model No. EWDM-2G8G-65-70MV is a CW immune EW detector module operating over the 2.0 to 8.0 GHz frequency range. This model features an internal switch used to switch between the Bit IN and RF IN with input blanking on both ports. In addition, an RF output port is provided with a gain of 33 dB minimum. The video output is designed to drive a 150 ft. cable.

Planar Monolithics Industries

Cryogenic Passives

XMA is committed to manufacturing and developing high quality products and high-tech solutions. XMA off­ers Attenuators and Terminations capable of performing at extremely low temperatures. These products have the ability to operate at 4° Kelvin or -269.15° Celsius, with great stability. The proprietary, thin ‑lm resistor deviates less than 2% from 50 Ohms. The components do not superconduct under extremely cold conditions.

XMA Corp.

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MM-Wave Update and More

1807 HFE mmWave 01

Omnidirectional Antenna

Model SAO-2734030345-28-S1 is a full band, Ka band omnidirectional antenna that covers the frequency range of 26.5 and 40 GHz. This vertically polarized antenna offers 360 degrees azimuth coverage with a 3 dBi typical gain and ±1 dB nominal gain flatness. The antenna features a half power beamwidth of 45 degrees in its vertical direction. The RF port is equipped with WR-28 waveguide with UG-599/U flange. The version with 2.92 mm (F) interface is offered under model number, SAO-2734030345-KF-S1.

SAGE Millimeter

1807 HFE mmWave 02

Wideband Transceiver

Norden Millimeter introduced the NUDC2-18/1.3-2.3 Wideband Microwave Transceiver in a low-SWaP 3U module. The NUDC2-18/1.3-2.3 is a dual conversion Transceiver providing 2-18 GHz operation in a versatile OpenVPX platform The NUDC2-18/1.3-2.3 includes internal LOs which provide an instantaneous IF bandwidth of 1 GHz and exceptional Noise Figure: Down Converter NF= 6dB max, Up Converter NF=15dB max. Both the RF and IF paths include variable attenuation. The NUDC2-18/1.3-2.3 is digitally controlled by RS-485.

Norden Millimeter

1807 HFE mmWave 03

Devices for Gigabit Wireless

Backhaul (e.g., E-band 70-80-90 GHz) takes advantage of an atmospheric absorption “valley,” which corresponds to minimum attenuation that is conducive to applications requiring relatively longer transmit/receive paths. Similarly, mobile applications (e.g., WiGig, 802.11ad) occupy the 57-64 GHz band where atmospheric absorption can help mitigate interference in dense signal environments. OML is supplying vital frequency extension technology to characterize these emerging applications.

OML offers source modules, VNA modules and harmonic mixers that are plug-and-play compatible with modern microwave signal generators, vector network analyzers and spectrum analyzers, respectively.  These modules enable engineers to easily and affordably expand their measurement capabilities to the mm-wave frontier. Using these tools, engineers can characterize their devices for emerging gigabit applications, including WiGig and E-band backhaul.


1807 HFE mmWave 04

Synthesizer: High-Speed Tuning

The Luxyn frequency synthesizer features high-speed tuning from 50 MHz to 21 GHz in frequency steps as small as 0.001 Hz in a package that is only 4.0 × 3.6 × 0.9 in. and weighs only 15 oz. It is literally a fit for a wide range of applications, from broadband communications systems to test-and-measurement equipment. It provides spectrally pure output signals that can feed most measurement applications.

These synthesizers are based on a stabilized voltage-controlled oscillator (VCO) with extremely wide tuning range and fast frequency switching speed. The tuning range of a standard Luxyn model MLVS-0520 frequency synthesizer is 500 MHz to 20 GHz, with lower frequencies available to 50 MHz and higher frequencies available to 21 GHz.

Micro Lambda Wireless

1807 HFE mmWave 05

Pulse-Profiling Power Meter

LadyBug Technologies’ latest Pulse-Profiling Power Meter V4.5 supports a broad range of RF measurement solutions. The Power Meter is an ideal user interface for displaying time domain scope-like profiles of the modulated waveform. When used with LadyBug’s Pulse-Profiling Sensors, the software delivers clear, concise pulse details. The Pulse zoom feature includes gates and markers that provide accurate measurement of selected details. Measurements like Crest Factor, Droop, Peak and Pulse Power along with Average Power and statistical information such as CDF, PDF and CCDF, are all included.

LadyBug Technologies

1807 HFE mmWave 06

Real-Time DSP for EW

Tektronix announced the addition of IQFlowTM  functionality to its RSA7100A wideband signal analysis solution. This enhancement delivers the speed and flexibility needed to perform real-time digital signal processing (DSP) and support hardware in the loop (HWIL or HIL) test for radar and electronic warfare (EW) systems.

The RSA7100A's real-time analysis for live monitoring of recording events allows systems engineers to ensure they are getting the data they need from their time-consuming test scenarios. With new streaming APIs and interfaces, including support for 40 GbE and LVDS, the analyzer offers the performance and ready-to-go convenience that system engineers need to move forward with their next-generation designs.


July 2018

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The July 2018 Online Edition is now available for viewing and download!

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Web Exclusives

Insulated Wire Inc.

Insulated Wire Inc. is pleased to announce that following the retirement of a French delegate, IW Microwave Products Division President, John Morelli, has been appointed as the Secretary for IEC/SC46F, a subcommittee of IEC/TC46. IEC/SC46F is responsible for RF and Microwave Connectors and Components International Standardization.

Mr. Morelli, who is sponsored by Insulated Wire, brings significant RF/Microwave connector and component experience to the position, and we congratulate him on his new appointment. Mr. Morelli had been serving as the chief Technical Advisor for the US National Committee’s Technical Advisory Group to IEC/SC46F.

The US National Committee of the IEC is a fully integrated entity of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).

Coming Events

IEEE AUTOTESTCON, National Harbor, September 17-20,2018

IEEE EMC-Long Beach, July 30-August 3, 2018

IEEE International Conference on Mobile Terahertz Systems 2018 (ICMTS 2018) Duisburg, July 2-4, 2018

IMS 2018, Philadelphia, June 10-15, 2018

WAMICON, Clearwater, April 9-10, 2018