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Common Mode Chokes

Coilcraft’s new Cx Family of surface-mount common mode chokes includes 16 sizes/configurations for a broad range of power line circuits. They suppress high frequency common mode noise up to 100 MHz and offer greater than 40 dB common mode attenuation, making them ideal for use in consumer electronics and industrial applications.

All Cx Family EMI chokes feature a low-profile, toroidal construction in a surface-mount, magnetically-shielded package with footprints as small as 13 x 13 mm. They are available with current ratings up to 10 Amps (Irms) and provide 1000/1500 Vrms isolation (hipot) between windings. They feature RoHS-compliant tin-silver-copper over tin over nickel over phos bronze terminations and withstand a maximum reflow temperature of 260°C.


Solid State Microwave Generator

The PrecisePower line of high-powered generators represents a fusion of solid-state technology and exceptional software. With absolute control over frequency, phase and amplitude in addition to many other control options, these systems bring unparalleled control to the user, not achievable with traditional magnetron generators. These systems are rugged and reliable, modular and scalable, available in single or independent/distributed outputs to better serve the needs of the application. Systems are available in the 902 – 928MHz and 2.4 – 2.5GHz bands with power levels to 100kW and 16kW respectively.

PrecisePower LLC

Power Module

Richardson RFPD announced availability and full design support for a new silicon carbide module from Wolfspeed. Wolfspeed developed the XM3 power module platform to maximize the benefits of SiC, while keeping the module and system design robust, simple and cost-effective. With half the weight and volume of a standard 62 mm module, the CAB450M12XM3 maximizes power density while minimizing loop inductance and enabling simple power bussing. It is the first part to be launched in the XM3 module platform, with additional offerings to be released in the future.

Richardson RFPD

Directional Couplers: 2 - 40GHz Series

VidaRF has expanded its offerings to 5G mmWave products operating from 2-40GHz with 2.92mm interfaces.

10,16, 20 and 30dB Coupling Values Low VSWR High Directivity Broad Band & Compact Size Operating Temp -55c to +85c Sealed and Painted to meet IP65 standards



Cernexwave's Low Frequency Precision Dual Junction Isolators can be tuned to any operating frequency from 66-108MHz. These devices are perfect for systems that require very high isolation with a minimum of insertion loss and VSWR. They can support 50W of average power forward and even more in reverse to protect sensitive devices from errant signals.


26.5 GHz RF Downconverter

The SC5318A is a C to K broadband single-stage downconverter, converting frequencies from 6 GHz to 26.5 GHz down to 50 MHz to 3 GHz. The LO frequency range is from 6 to 26.5 GHz with an input LO range from 6 to 14 GHz. An internal frequency doubler multiplies the input LO range up to 26.5 GHz. This module also features an internal 26.5 GHz synthesized LO, RF preamplifier, and variable gain control, making it a compact, standalone downconverter module. The SC5318A can be combined with SignalCore’s SC5308A to form a broadband 100 kHz to 26.5 GHz downconverter. These high-performance converter modules are compact and rugged, built for easy integration into large systems.


New Products

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Power Dividers

Pasternack’s new line of high frequency power dividers consists of 17 new models with an operating frequency range from 26.5 GHz to 67 GHz. Additional features include SMA, 2.92mm, 2.4mm and 1.85mm connectors, power handling capability up to 20W(CW) as well as 2-port and 4-port model options. These power splitters offer low insertion loss and very good return loss, along with being available quickly, which is ideal for initial proof-of-concept testing and prototype builds. These RF splitters are ideal for telecom carriers, cell phone, contract and defense manufacturers, labs and research institutes.


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Gate Driver

Richardson RFPD announced availability and full design support capabilities for a new gate driver integrated circuit from Power Integrations, Inc. The SIC1182K SCALE-iDriver™ is a high-reliability, single-channel silicon carbide (SiC) MOSFET gate driver that delivers the industry-leading peak-output gate current without an external boost stage. The new device is available in an eSOP-R16B package. Reinforced galvanic isolation is provided by Power Integrations’ robust solid insulator FluxLink™ technology. Up to +/-8 A peak output drive current enables the product to drive devices with nominal currents of up to 600 A (typical).

Richardson RFPD

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Power Divider

Response Microwave announced a new 1-40GHz, 2-way ultra-broadband power divider for lab and both military and telecom specific product platform use.

The unit operates over the 1-40GHz range. Electrical performance offers insertion loss of 1.2dB max, VSWR of 1.7:1 max and isolation of 15 dB min. Unit offers phase unbalance of +/-8° max and amplitude imbalance of 0.5dB max. Impedance value is 50Ω. Power handling is 20W CW forward and 0.2W CW reverse. Package size is 78mm x 26mm x 12.7mm, plus connectors.

Response Microwave

1907 newProduct 05

Ceramic Capacitors

Passive Plus announced the 01005BB104 broadband 100nF multilayer ceramic capacitors. The industry’s smallest 100nF broadband part characterized for RF performance.

01005BB: Capacitance: 100nF; Size: .010” x .005”; WVDC: 6.3V; TCC: 0 ± 15% /°C (-55°C to +85°C);

Typical Operating Frequency: 16 kHz (-3dB point) to >40GHz; Insertion Loss: < 1 dB; Termination: Tin Plated over Nickel Barrier (RoHS) Compliant.

Passive Plus

1907 newProduct 06

Power Protection Cabinets

Transtector Systems introduced a comprehensive line of AC power protection cabinets engineered specifically for small cell sites, combining a co-location approved field-configurable branch breaker architecture with integrated high-reliability surge protection into compact, ruggedized and lightweight configurations.

Ideal for applications such as picocells, microcells, macrocells, 5G nodes, DAS systems, load expansions, and other small cell locations, these new cabinets address the growing range of power requirements in the expanding small cell market. With small cell interface requirements varying among GSMA, CDMA, LTE, WiMAX, 3G, 4G and 5G, network engineers often require versatile, dynamic power solutions. Transtector’s compact, small cell cabinets enable quick installation to meet current demands, with design flexibility for future expansion.

Transtector Systems

July 2019

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The July 2019 Online Edition is now available for viewing and download!

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RF PCB Import Wizard Module

A new e-learning module covering the NI AWR software RF PCB layout import wizard technology is now available. This one-hour video trains users on how to use the wizard for EM verification within Microwave Office circuit design software. Learn more at (registration required):

AWR Design Magazine IMS2019 Issue

Volume 19 covers the debut of the NI AWR software website, industry spotlights on 5G, IoT, and radar,  and customer and university application spotlights on antennas, radar, filters, and PDKs. View the magazine at

Insulated Wire Inc.

Insulated Wire Inc. is pleased to announce that following the retirement of a French delegate, IW Microwave Products Division President, John Morelli, has been appointed as the Secretary for IEC/SC46F, a subcommittee of IEC/TC46. IEC/SC46F is responsible for RF and Microwave Connectors and Components International Standardization.

Mr. Morelli, who is sponsored by Insulated Wire, brings significant RF/Microwave connector and component experience to the position, and we congratulate him on his new appointment. Mr. Morelli had been serving as the chief Technical Advisor for the US National Committee’s Technical Advisory Group to IEC/SC46F.

The US National Committee of the IEC is a fully integrated entity of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).

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