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Pasternack launched a line of ultra-broadband and millimeter wave low noise amplifiers that offer very low noise figure levels, typically between 2.5 and 3 dB across the entire band, making them perfectly suited for use in applications such as EW, instrumentation, radar, SATCOM, point-to-point radio links, telecom and R&D.


Reference Solution

Keysight Technologies’ new Satellite Signal Monitoring Reference Solution enables monitoring large blocks of spectrum and performing precise digital modulation analysis to quickly and efficiently validate satellite signal integrity. Optimized for high throughput, low test cost, and a small footprint, this solution is the first to provide sequential scanning using a single PXI vector signal analyzer.

Keysight Technologies


Ciao Wireless introduced a line of Ultra-Low Noise Amplifiers with noise figures as low as 0.30 dB typical between 1.0 – 3.1 GHz with delivery in 1-2 weeks ARO. Ciao’s designs feature multiple frequency and gain options while maintaining ultra-low noise figures between 0.3 dB to 0.4 dB. All models include internal voltage regulation and reverse polarity protection.

Ciao Wireless

Synthesizer Module

Holzworth released a higher output power revision of the popular HSM Series 12.5 GHz and 20 GHz RF Synthesizer modules. The phase coherent HSM12001B (10 MHz to 12.5 GHz) and the HSM18001B (10 MHz to 20 GHz) are broadband CW sources ideal for use as radar system LOs, system clocks, integrated OEM modules, ATE and embedded systems, as well as benchtop applications.

Holzworth Instrumentation

Power Sensor Outputs

LadyBug announced analog output options for its new line of power sensors. Users requiring analog output in addition to the power sensor’s software application can select option 001. It provides an accurately scaled recorder output signal delivered through its SMB connector. On LB5900 series sensors, it also allows selection of a wide-bandwidth output capable of delivering an amplified signal directly from the video detection path at the sensor’s full video bandwidth.

LadyBug Technologies

Power Analyzer

The 4500B Peak Power Analyzer is taking performance to a new peak and changing the way the industry views and analyzes RF data. Features: 8.4" TFT color LCD display; 100 ps timebase resolution; Automatic peak-to-peak, delay-by-time and delay-by-events triggering; GPIB, USB and LAN; Text view of 15 time and power measurements per channel; and more.



Model 250T6G18 is a self-contained, forced-air-cooled, broadband traveling wave tube (TWT) microwave amplifier designed for applications where instantaneous bandwidth and high gain are required. A reliable 300 watt TWT provides a conservative 250 watts minimum at the amplifier output flange. Stated power specifications are at the fundamental frequency.

AR RF/Microwave Instrumentation


AMF-6F-26004000-25-13P adds to MITEQ's family of low noise, wideband, ultra-small coaxial LNAs in the 26 to 40 GHz band. It has over 35 dB of gain in a housing that is only 0.38" long and 0.75" wide without the field-replaceable 2.93 mm connectors. Gain flatness is a max. of ±3 dB. It has a max. noise figure of 2.5 dB with a typical value of 2 dB.

L-3 Narda-Miteq


Synergy's variety of high performance VCO models cover the frequency range of up to 18 GHz. Each product features excellent phase noise, planar, ceramic or SAW resonator construction, our patented REL-PRO® technology footprint (on most models), small size and surface mount. We can also customize VCOs according to your specific requirements.

Synergy Microwave

On-Demand Webcasts

Virtual NIDays brings you some of the best sessions from NIWeek and NIDays 2014 in 22 free, on-demand webcasts. Five tracks cover the latest in software development, DAQ, embedded systems, automated test, and RF.

National Instruments

RF Power Tool

This integrated application development system has all the functions and features needed for RF power amplifier development at a fraction of the cost of a traditional RF bench. The intuitive PC interface and local control simplify setup and provide a great out-of-the-box experience. It provides customers an economical, fully functional, and easy-to-use application development tool for Freescale RF power devices.


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Keysight Technologies announced the E5080A ENA vector network analyzer (VNA), which offers a cutting-edge combination of RF measurement performance and speed. It uses the Keysight PNA- and PXI-Series software architecture, making it easier for engineers to take measurements across multiple Keysight VNAs.

Keysight Technologies

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The Micro Lambda MLTM-Series Miniature YIG-Tuned Oscillators cover the frequency range of 2 - 8 GHz. They are available in customer selected tuning ranges and are fitted with a low power main coil, and FM coil for phase locking. All units operate from a +8 Volt and –5 Volt supply and operate over the 0º to + 65ºC temperature range. Units do not require a heater.

Micro Lambda Wireless

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Cable Assemblies

DynaTest™ assemblies provide innovative designs for production test applications where repeatable performance and durability are essential. They have exceptionally low VSWR and insertion loss characteristics across a broad frequency band and are 100% RF tested prior to shipment. They are highly flexible yet maintain excellent phase stability under flexure.


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The MASW-011040 and MASW-011041 are high power PIN diode switches in common anode configurations, operating from 50 MHz to 1 GHz and featuring low insertion loss and excellent linearity. The MASW-011040 SP4T switch includes two high-power ports capable of handling up to 200W CW and two low-power ports capable of handling up to 100W CW of incident power at a base plate temperature of +85ºC.

Richardson RFPD

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Freescale’s MRFE6VP61K25N RF power transistor delivers power in excess of 1250 W CW, and the new MRFE6VP6600N delivers power in excess of 600 W. Freescale’s plastic packaging enables compatibility with mass volume soldering processes, enables tighter dimensional tolerances and provides a 30 percent reduction in thermal resistance compared to ceramic-packaged transistors.


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Power Sensors

Rohde & Schwarz’s new R&S NRPxxS and R&S NRPxxSN USB three-path diode power sensors offer unprecedented measurement speed and measurement accuracy, even at low levels. The R&S NRPxxSN model offers both a USB and a LAN interface. Both models are available for three different frequency ranges, from 10 MHz to 8 GHz, to 18 GHz and to 33 GHz—the largest choice of ranges on the market.

Rohde & Schwarz

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Power Amp

Model SBP-8138632520-1212-E1 is an E band high power amplifier with a small signal gain of 25 dB and a P-1 dB of +20 dBm minimum in the frequency range of 81 GHz to 86 GHz. The DC power requirement is +6.0 to +12.0 Vdc/1,000 mA. The input and output port are inline configuration as shown with both WR-12 waveguides and UG387/U Flanges.

SAGE Millimeter

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Manual Probe Station

A high-value personal and flexible microprobing environment for engineers and scientists. Useful in the electrical test and analytical evaluation of semiconductor devices, planar components and microwave assemblies. Test samples can be clamped with a vacuum assisted stage/chuck. The JR-2745 probe station features an X-Y-Z-Ø, adjustable 6.5” or 8.5” diameter stage, with auxiliary vacuum-controlled locations.

J micro Technology

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Connectors, Adapters

SGMC Microwave is a registered ISO 9001:2008 manufacturer of precision coaxial connectors, including cable connectors, adapters, and receptacles. SGMC supplies the Defense, Test & Measurement, Telecom, and SATCOM/Aerospace industries with high-performance microwave and millimeter-wave products that are precision grade and available off the shelf.

SGMC Microwave

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Network Tester

Cobham Wireless’s (formerly Aeroflex wireless business unit) TM500 network tester family is helping mobile operators accelerate the deployment of high capacity networks. Already supporting key LTE-A features such as carrier aggregation of two and three component carriers, TDD/FDD carrier aggregation, and eICIC, the TM500 now also supports Coordinated Multipoint transmission/reception (CoMP), a major feature of 3GPP LTE-A Release 11.

Cobham Wireless

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Anritsu Company introduced the ShockLine™ MS46121A series of 1-port USB Vector Network Analyzers that bring the advantages of Anritsu’s patented ShockLine VNA technology to a compact package. Two models with coverage of 40 MHz to 4 GHz and 150 kHz to 6 GHz are powered and controlled via a user-supplied computer to cost-efficiently test cables, antennas, and other passive RF devices.

Anritsu Company   

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PMI Model No. LM-218-14-200W-SMF-HERM is a high power limiter that operates from 2.0 to 18.0GHz and handles 200 Watts Peak Power with pulse widths of 1usec and 0.1% duty cycle or 1 Watt CW. This model offers low loss of 2dB maximum, fast recovery of less than 100nsec and is hermetically sealed.

Planar Monolithics Industries


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Web Exclusives



The comprehensive search engine on the AmpliTech website has been significantly revamped to not only allow for searches based on particular specifications, but to offer results that are closest to the entered parameters (within certain ranges) if a search by the exact specifications yields no matches. In addition, searching for a particular model number (in lieu of a search by specifications) has been made easier due to the ability to search for partials in case the customer doesn’t have the entire exact model number handy. More versatility has also been added by allowing searches just by using either a Start OR Stop frequency as opposed to both. For example, the user can simply enter 10 GHz for the Start frequency and leave the Stop frequency blank to see all models whose bandwidth starts at 10 GHz or higher.


Insulated Wire

Insulated Wire’s Microwave Products Division announced a new distribution agreement with HASCO Inc. for the Re‐Flex™ product range. Re‐Flex™ is a semi‐rigid and conformable replacement cable combining IW’s unique laminated dielectric with a tin/alloy plated outer braid to provide a double shielded re‐formable cable that eliminates the failure modes of traditional solid and solder dipped outer jacketed, and provides a highly flexible cable with excellent RF performance, including lower attenuation than the comparable line size RG cables.

HASCO Inc. has stock available for immediate delivery of RF141 (RG402 line size) assemblies in a range of lengths starting at 2” with both direct solder and shell style SMA connectors, operating to 18 GHz and 26.5 GHz respectively. For further information and specifications please contact HASCO Inc.: