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Peak Power Sensor: High Accuracy, No Zeroing Required

LadyBug Technologies’ LB679A Peak and Pulse Sensor utilizes patented No-Zero No-Cal Technology along with its Zero Aware Technology, which dynamically characterizes the sensor down to its noise floor under varying environmental conditions. This eliminates the need for user zeroing, but does not compromise accuracy, even for very low level measurements. In addition to statistical pulse measurements, the sensor can deliver over 2,000 average power measurements per second with no buffer latency. The USB Sensor offers frequency coverage from 50 MHz to 18 GHz. The product’s broad frequency range combined with good sensitivity it ideal for satellite, radar, and defense applications.

LadyBug Technologies LLC


PPI is now offering traditional NP0, Hi-Q / Low ESR 0505C, 1111C, 2225C and 3838C multilayer ceramic series capacitors with an increased temperature and Life Test performance. They are now qualified to 200°C, under 2x WVDC, for 2000 hours. The 6040C, 7676C and the new 1313C (UHF/RF Hi-Q) ceramic capacitors are now qualified to 175°C. These parts exhibit Low ESR/ESL, Low Noise, High Power, High Self-Resonance, as well as ultra-stable performance over temperature.

Passive Plus


Mini-Circuits’ MTX2-73+ is a wideband MMIC balun transformer with an impedance ratio of 2:1 covering a wide range of applications from 2000 to 7000 MHz. Fabricated using IPD process technology, this model provides outstanding repeatability with low insertion loss, low amplitude unbalance, low phase unbalance, and RF input power handling up to +34 dBm (2.5W). It is housed in a tiny 3 x 3 x 0.89mm QFN package with low inductance, excellent thermal efficiency, and high ESD rating.


Epoxy for Die Attach Applications

Formulated for die attach applications, Master Bond Supreme 3HTND-2DA is a fast curing, high performance one component epoxy system. It cures in 5-10 minutes at 150°C and has unlimited working life at room temperature. It is available in syringes and has a shelf life of 6 months when stored at 40-50°F. Supreme 3HTND-2DA has a die shear strength of 19-21 kg-f and performed very well in 85/85 testing. This epoxy has excellent adhesion to metals, ceramics and silicon dies.

Master Bond

1.85mm Male Direct Solder One-Step Cable Connectors

SGMC Microwaves NEW One-Step connectors have “Captivated” center contacts offering excellent performance up to 65 GHz (usable up to 67 GHz).  With no loose parts to handle, assembly is as simple as trimming the cable and then inserting it into the body for soldering.  • DC-65 GHz / VSWR: 1.25:1 Max per connector • Captivated center contact (beryllium Copper, gold plated) • Body Components (Corrosion resistant Type 303 Stainless steel, passivated). Quality, performance, and reliability you can count on, from SGMC Microwave.

SGMC Microwave

Harmonic Mixer

OML offers a WR-15 (50-75 GHz) harmonic mixer with standard gain horn antenna (+24 dBi). The M15HWD Series will expand your existing spectrum analyzer capabilities in order to conduct millimeter wave measurements. This solution is compatible with most spectrum analyzers offering optional external mixer capabilities. An option for test data in electronic CSV format is also available.



Innovative Power Products introduced a 90 Degree coupler that operates over the full 4000 – 6000 MHz band. Model IPP-7133, handles 100 watts CW and comes in a small SMD Style package which is only 0.20 x 0.56 x 0.10 (W, L, H) inches and available on Tape & Reel. The IPP-7133 will combine two signals up to 100 Watts CW of total output power. It has excellent amplitude balance across the full band and insertion loss of <0.25 dB. The VSWR is less than 1.30:1 and the coupler has greater than 18 dB of Isolation.

Innovative Power Products


Model STF-19-S1 is a full band Faraday isolator that operates from 40 to 60 GHz. The Faraday isolator is constructed with a longitudinal, magnetized ferrite rod that causes a Faraday rotation of the incoming RF signal. It offers 28 dB typical isolation and a 1.3 dB nominal insertion loss with good flatness. The input and output ports are WR-19 waveguides with UG-383/U-M flanges.

SAGE Millimeter

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No-Solder End Launch Connectors to 110 GHz

The perfect match between connector and circuit, these easy-to-use End Launch connectors from Southwest Microwave assure optimal signal integrity to 110 GHz. To optimize match-to-circuit, these End Launch connectors are available in multiple launch configurations, including SMA (27 GHz), 2.92 mm (K) (40 GHz), 2.40 mm (50 GHz), 1.85 mm (V) (67 GHz) and 1.0 mm (W) (110 GHz). Eliminating the need for soldering, each End Launch connector features a unique clamping mechanism that accommodates a wide range of board thicknesses while maintaining proper grounding.

Southwest Microwave

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Amplical’s SW2A101 SP2T 100MHz to 20GHz miniature ultra-broadband absorptive PIN diode switch features 2W CW hot-switching with low insertion loss, low VSWR, high isolation and fast switching speed. J1 and J2 ports are terminated in 50Ω when switched in the isolation (off) state. All RF ports incorporate DC blocks. An on-board TTL-compatible driver provides convenient logic control. The switch operates from +5V DC and a negative DC supply ranging from –12V to –20V.


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Millimeter-Wave Online Stockroom

SAGE Millimeter announced the launch of its online stockroom. Customers can browse over 250 millimeter-wave products that are in-stock and ready to be shipped within three business days. From conical horn antennas to balanced mixers, and from full-band attenuators to directional couplers, SAGE can meet the entirety of your millimeter-wave requirements. Quality and operational processes are in place to ensure that customer requirements and specifications are met and exceeded—every time.

SAGE Millimeter

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Online Enclosures Catalog

The effectiveness, reliability, durability and cost of an electronics system can depend significantly upon the packaging that houses it. Since its founding in 1960, that belief has been the guiding principle that has made Equipto Electronics Corporation the leading innovator and supplier of standard and custom designed packaging for electronics. That belief is best expressed in our two most valuable assets: superior products and customer service. Download our online product catalog today at

Equipto Electronics

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White Paper: MM-Wave Testbed

Keysight’s new technical white paper, “Applying a Very Wide-Bandwidth Millimeter-Wave Testbed to Power Amplifier DPD,” helps engineers generate and analyze very wide-bandwidth signals (up to 5 GHz). The white paper shows how Keysight’s SystemVue ESL software, combined with this testbed, can help engineers successfully perform wide-bandwidth millimeter-wave DPD to Skyworks’ power amplifiers for this emerging 5G millimeter-wave challenge. In part, this is accomplished by combining high-performance digital hardware with compact Virginia Diodes Inc. (VDI) millimeter-wave hardware.

Keysight Technologies

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Frequency Synthesizers: 250 MHz to 16 GHz

Micro Lambda Wireless announced production release of a new smaller and lower cost frequency synthesizer designed to fit into a single slot PXI chassis. Standard frequency models are available covering 250 MHz to 6 GHz, 2 to 8 GHz, 6 to 13 GHz and 8 to 16 GHz. Special customer defined frequency ranges within the entire frequency range are available on special order. Standard models are specified to operate over the 0 to +65 C temperature range, but extended temperature versions covering -40 to +85C are available on special order.

Micro Lambda Wireless

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AMCOM’s AM025WN-BI-R is a discrete GaN/SiC HEMT that has a total gate width of 2.5mm. It is in a ceramic package for operating up to 8 GHz. The BI series uses a specially designed ceramic package with bent (BI-G) or straight (BI) leads in a drop-in mounting style. The flange at the bottom of the package serves simultaneously as DC ground, RF ground, and thermal path. This part is RoHS compliant.


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