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Low PIM Loads

MECA’s New Compact Low PIM (-160 dBc Typ) 50 watt loads with extended power handling capabilities. Feature industry-leading PIM performance of -155 dBc min all while handling full rated power to 85C.  All of the terminations cover 0.698 – 2.700 GHz frequency bands in 7/16 DIN, Type N & 4.1/9.5 (mini-DIN) connectors, VSWR = 1.10:1 Typ/1.20:1 Min. All in a compact package of 6” x 2.25”. Made in the USA and 36-month warranty.

MECA Electronics


Z-Communications, Inc. announced a new RoHS compliant Fixed Frequency Synthesizer model SFS10640H-LF. The SFS10640H-LF is a single frequency synthesizer that operates at 10.64GHz with an external 100MHz reference oscillator and features a typical phase noise of -98 dBc/Hz @ 10kHz offset.



A new 16-bit 2.5Gsps digital-to-analog converter (DAC) features exceptional spectral purity of 74 dBc SFDR at 200MHz output, and better than 68 dBc SFDR for output frequencies from DC to 1GHz, a 12 dB improvement over alternative 14-bit DACs. The LTC2000 features low phase noise and a wide 2.1 GHz -3 dB output bandwidth, enabling broadband or high frequency RF synthesis in applications such as high-end instrumentation, broadband communications, and more.

Linear Technology


A low noise broadband preamplifier, the USMC0125 covers a bandwidth of more than 11 octaves from the HF spectrum to S band, providing outstanding flatness, 30 dB of gain, very low noise figure, and an optional built-in battery and smart charger for more than 20 hours of field operation. IP65 compliant for operation in wet environments. Typical applications include EMC testing and certification, and more.

US Microwave Laboratories

6 GHz IQ Transceiver

SignalCore's 400 MHz to 6 GHz RF front-end IQ Transceiver features wide IF bandwidth (160 MHz), and high dynamic range. The transceiver is comprised of a dual independent channel 6 GHz signal source, an IQ demodulator and an IQ modulator. It meets the wide signal bandwidth requirement for modern wireless applications such as wireless test systems, software defined radio, and multichannel coherent systems.


Signal Creation Software

Keysight Technologies announced two additions to its Signal Studio software suite of signal creation tools. The first is signal generation software for the IEEE 802.15.4g-based Wi-SUN standard. The second is support for LTE/LTE-Advanced uplink (UL) 2x2 MIMO with real-time Hybrid Automatic Repeat Request (HARQ). These new capabilities further ease the signal generation requirements for R&D and manufacturing engineers developing or testing the conformance of devices to the Wi-SUN and LTE/LTE-A standards.

Keysight Technologies

E-Band Antenna

Radio Frequency Systems has extended its CompactLine® EASY family of microwave antennas with two new E-band (71-86GHz) antennas, the SB1-W800C and the SC2-W800BYYY. RFS E-band antennas provide the optimal combination of electrical and mechanical performance coupled with cost-effectiveness. These new additions are designed for ease-of-use in five key areas: network design, transport, deployment, installation and upgrade.

Radio Frequency Systems

MM-Wave Connectors

SV Microwave has released a new catalog for its millimeter wave connector series. SV’s line has the precision, quality and performance needed for the millimeter wave spectrum through 67 GHz. Products include 2.92 mm, 2.4 mm and 1.85 mm and are available as connectors, terminations, attenuators, cable assemblies and customized solutions.

SV Microwave

Power Amplifier

Model AHP0195-26-3235 is a pHEMT based power amplifier offering 32 dB of linear gain and 35 dBm minimum output power at 1 dB gain compression point over the frequency range from 1.7 to 2.2 GHz with excellent gain flatness and VSWR. The amplifier has built-in DC voltage regulator and requires a single +12.0 VDC power supply. The package size of the amplifier without heatsink is 2.08 × 1.25 × 0.5”.

Wenteq Microwave

Power Sensor: Un-Attended Operation

The new LB5918A Power Sensor measures RF power at frequencies from 1 MHz to 18 GHz. It has excellent sensitivity and measures from -60 dBm to +20 dBm. Unique only to LadyBug sensors, it features un-attended operation. Functioning in conjunction with the built-in, backed-up, real time clock, this programmable feature allows the sensor perform automated measurements with no connection other than power. Once programmed, it can make and store over 100 million measurements into the built-in flash memory.

LadyBug Technologies

VSAT Synthesizer

The MLSP-Series of YIG-based wideband synthesizers are specifically designed for VSAT applications. They provide 1 kHz frequency resolution over the 600 MHz to 20 GHz frequency range. Power levels of +8 to +13 dBm are provided throughout the series and full band tuning speed is 6 mSec. The units are 5” x 3” x 1” high and fit a 2 slot PXI chassis.

Micro Lambda Wireless

Test Box

PMI Model No. PL-MCU-ENET-TTL-MAH is an Ethernet Microcontroller Test Box which allows for an ethernet command to be sent up to 18 paralell TTL output bits. This controller can be used with may PMI products that required parallel digital commands, such as switches, attenuators, phase shifters and IQ Modulators.

Planar Monolithics Industries

Extension Module

OML’s Signal Generator Frequency Extension Module can extend the frequency range of your existing 20 GHz microwave synthesizer to millimeter wave frequencies. Modules are available to span the waveguide bands between 50 and 500 GHz. These source modules are RoHS compliant. In addition, an option is available for manual power sweeps using a micrometer as a tuning mechanism. 


Phase Adjuster

Coaxicom’s 3993 series of Phase Adjusters are designed to deliver a means of phase adjustment over frequency ranges up to 18 GHz. The 3993-2 SMA Phase Adjustable connector has an adjustment range of over 180 degrees and a maximum VSWR of 1.30:1. The 3993-2 is a phase adjustable SMA plug (male) direct solder connector for RG402 (0.141" semi-rigid) or Coaxicom's ultra-flex and blue-flex cables. Available from stock.


Network Analyzer

Anritsu’s VectorStar ME7838D broadband system provides industry-best frequency coverage of 70 kHz to 145 GHz in a single sweep using a coaxial test port. Best-in-class dynamic range, calibration and measurement stability, and measurement speed.


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The MLPX-Series Doubled Permanent Magnet YIG-Tuned Oscillators are signal sources covering the frequency range of 16 - 40 GHz. They are available in any customer-selected 8 GHz tuning bandwidth (±4 GHz). These frequency sources have been specifically designed with the latest permanent magnet technology to yield excellent performance over temperature and environmental conditions.

Micro Lambda Wireless

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SATCOM Power Amp

The PA20-Ku400 series power amplifiers provide the best in class Size, Weight and Power performance of any SATCOM outdoor power amplifier. These amplifiers are designed to optimize linear power performance and minimize power consumption, making them the most efficient linear power amplifiers available. The carbon footprint of a PA20-Ku400 is driven by the high efficiency power conversion of the traveling wave tube; an unmatched technology for power conversion.


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Power Sensor

The MA24126A power sensor is designed to provide accurate average power measurements from 10 MHz to 26 GHz over 60 dB of dynamic range. It employs a "dual path" architecture that provides (similar to thermal sensor) True-RMS measurements over the entire frequency and dynamic range, enabling users to make highly accurate average power measurements for CW, multi-tone, and digitally modulated signal up to 26 GHz.


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180-Degree Hybrid

Werbel Microwave is developing a standard line of narrowband 180-degree hybrids. A signal applied to the sum port produces two outputs of equal amplitude and phase, while a signal applied to the delta port produces output signals of equal amplitude but opposite phase. The model 2Q11 was designed to fulfill a custom requirement from 2.2 - 2.3 GHz, but may cover 2.1 - 2.4 GHz also with good results.  Measured return loss was 1.2:1 or better, 25 dB isolation and 0.3 dB insertion loss. 

Werbel Microwave

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Inductor Finder

An new RF Inductor Finder web tool that allows users to search and compare inductors based on their exact operating frequency, rather than just datasheet test frequencies. The new tool also lets users optimize search results for Q factor, footprint, SRF, impedance, price or inductance. Users can also search for a range of inductances, specify a minimum Q at their operating frequency, and select a particular body size.


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50 Watt Amp

Model 50S1G6AB is a solid-state, 50 Watt Class AB amplifier design that instantaneously covers 1 - 6 GHz in one unit. When used with a sweep generator, the 50S1G6AB will provide 50 watts typical of RF power in approximately half the size of a traditional Class A design, at a more economical price. 

AR RF/Microwave Instrumentation

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Orthomode Transducer

Model SAT-603-14115-S1 is a V band compact Orthomode Transducer (OMT) that operates at 61.5 GHz with 5 GHz operation bandwidth. It exhibits 0.5 dB insertion loss and 20 dB return loss. It also offers greater than 30 dB port to port isolation and cross-polarization over entire operating frequency band. Due to extremely low insertion, power handling is up to the waveguide power limits.

SAGE Millimeter

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